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Monday, July 8, 2019

9th Grade Homeschool Portfolio for Caitlin

This post will be viewed by our evaluator.  I will be working  on this, and updating it for the next month.  I keep some physical samples to take with us, and she also follows what we are up to on my Facebook page.

Because it is the easiest I will start with Math

Caitlin first did the Pre Algebra, on, which is free by the way.  She whizzed through it, and did quite well.  However, when I moved her into Saxon Algebra 1 textbook, she just didn't seem to retain any of the info she had learned.  So, I went to, and that is where we will be for the remainder of her 3 years of High School.  It is not free, 20 dollars per month.   However, it is worth every penny.  I don't have to do anything.  They send me weekly reports, and she is regularly tested on new, and old information.  So, she actually retains it.  I am all in with Aleks.

Today, I am adding the Science section of this portfolio.  When we started grade 9, we started with Apologia Physical Science.  I got it on the Kindle, with Kindle Unlimited for free, so I could not resist.  Unfortunately, Caitlin did not care for it all that much, and we did half a year, for 1/2 credit.  I then rediscovered Easy Peasy High School, and she offers a great Oceanography with Lab.  The lab part is important because it is required in Florida.  We did half of it, marked where we left off, and will finish the second half for grade 10, and the labs.  She only needs 3 Science credits, so there is plenty of time, and no need to rush.  You can purchase the Apologia textbook, on Kindle, below, it isn't free though, and the link for Oceanography is highlighted.  Science is definitely not this child's favorite topic, though she really is talking a lot about the Environment.  So, I might be able to squeeze that in, but she has to do Biology first.

Now it is time to add Language Arts.  I am so glad I keep a written log book, as well as this blog, because I had forgotten about some of the things we covered.  This is actually a requirement in Florida, so it isn't like I thought of it myself.  We started the year off using Virtual Homeschool Group website.  I actually very much like this website.  You can do live lessons, they fill up fast, so get in quick if you like that.  They start enrolling August 1st.  We opted for the at your own pace options.  We did 3 books, with the lessons on this website:  Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  We then watched a very old series based on the book.  It was quite interesting.  The Time Machine, which I did not finish reading.  My son was tasked to read this book with Caitlin.  She can read quite fine, but likes to be read to, so they would alternate, and of course discuss as they went.  Animal Farm was the third book, and there was some quite animated discussions with this book.  That took us half way through the school year.  The second half of the year we concentrated on Grammar, using  There were some writing topics thrown in for good measure, but still an area that needs much work.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Photography Challenge: Orange

We have one month until our evaluation, and I have to really get going on putting it together.  I don't usually procrastinate like this, so I am feeling lazy.  If you missed the Democratic Primary Debates last week, like we did because NBC is having a fight with DirectTV, they are on Youtube.  We will be watching them there.  It will probably take us a few weeks, because they are like 6 hours long, all together, and well it is Summer Vacation.  After we watch them, Caitlin will have to pick the candidate she likes best, and follow them.  If they get kicked out of the race she will have to pick another. 

This week or photography challenge was for the color orange.  I took the lovely sunset photo, and she took a picture of a freshly picked tomato from our garden.  Next week will be yellow, and if you have been following along, yes these are the colors of the rainbow ROYGBIV.  Come on and join in.  Share your pics in the comments. 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Photography Challenge: Red

So, for last week's challenge, we both had to find something red.  I love taking pictures, so I can always think of something.  Caitlin, however, is a little more of a challenge.  I think she is the only teen girl that does not take a million photos a day with her phone.  We had a ton of rain this week, of course because we had family visiting, but it produced some lovely rainbows.  Then one of our resident Cardinals was on the front porch, in the rain, eating, and Caitlin found a ladybug in her room.  So, those are the 3 photos for this week honoring the color, red.  This week will be Orange. 
We are officially on Summer Vacation, and I have to start putting together a portfolio, and making sure I am prepared for next year.  The first Presidential Debates are at the end of June.  So, Caitlin and I will be watching, and discussing those, as part of her Civics and Government Class for grade 10.  Let the fun begin, lol!

Monday, June 3, 2019

10th Grade Language Arts Option

I have actually decided on my choice for 10th grade Language Arts, for Caitlin.  After much thought, it made much sense to me to have her prepare for the PERT, using the standards she would need to know.  The PERT does not really concentrate on her writing abilities, but rather on her ability to edit someone else's writing.  I think that is perfect for her at this point, and time.  Over the Summer she will do a short, one paragraph writing assignment, so that will give her lots of practice.  She did fair, with note taking this year.  Her studying could still use some improving, and techniques besides just looking at something and trying to remember it.  Below you will find the links we will be using for both Reading Comprehension, and Writing (Editing) for grade 10.  She actually reads quite a bit, not classical literature or anything, but stuff she is interested in.  So, I guess I won't quibble with that.  Our 9th grade school year is officially over.  She just has her History final Wednesday. Oh and our photography challenge for this week is the color red.    This one looks particularly good!  This one also was a top pick of mine.

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