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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Camp Kulaqua Water Park in High Springs

I had heard of Camp Kulaqua before, but had never been there. My husband, and son, went many years ago on one of their family weekend events. Camp Kalaqua is a Christian camp and event center. Most of their calendar is filled very quickly with reservations for groups. There are a few weekends a year they open up the water park for families. This is nice, because if your family is only four members, and not ten or more, you can go and enjoy the water park and other activities. We went with the Gainesville Homeschool Group, on Monday. It is a little water park, but it was peaceful, quiet, and easy to keep track of your kids because of the size. There is a wave pool, lazy river, and a water slide. It doesn't sound like much, but it kept all the kids busy. Plus, they let you bring in your own food and drinks, offer the tubes at no extra cost, and chairs and pavilions are also at no extra cost. They had plenty of lifeguards on duty, and they were very attentive. I would definitely go again.

Just a quick note. I have a disclaimer somewhere on this blog about affiliates, and such. When I do a review of somewhere we have been, or a product I have purchased, it is my review. I was not paid or in any way persuaded to do it. If I do get offered a payment, or product to test, I always say that very clearly. The Amazon products I share, are an affiliate program.  I make little to no money from it, but it does help in search engines. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Few Changes to Language Arts Curriculum for 10th grade and 6th Grade

While at a birthday party, for a homeschool friend, yesterday the mom and I got discussing homeschool curriculum, of course.  She buys from the Critical Thinking Company, for Language Arts, and has been very pleased with the results.  Since Language Arts is on of the more boring class to teach, I am always looking for something more interesting.  So, I went to their website last night, and decided to save a few of their products, to purchase when I am ready.  Oh, by the way, I am considering getting the Algebra 1 book from The Critical Thinking Co, as well.  I was checking it out, and it looks amazing, especially for the way they want the kids to learn the Math now.

For Writing, I have saved:

Those are all for my High School child, though word roots I may use with my 6th grader as well.  The earlier I start, the better.

For my 6th grader, my friend is letting us try a curriculum her girls did not care for, but that I think mine will love.  It is from Micheal Clay Thompson, and we are starting right off with level one.  If she likes it, I most definitely use it again.  Language Arts is her biggest complaint, and hardest subject to teach her.  I am hoping this will be a good fit for her.

Tomorrow we are off to a fun day at the water park.  I feel like we have not accomplished a ton the last week.  We were at the springs twice, and now the water park.  However, this time of year with lots of birthdays, and end of year fun stuff it is hard to say no.   We aren't behind, I just like to drive myself crazy, lol. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

6th Grade Homeschool ELA Language Arts Curriculum Lesson Choices

I finally decided what I will be using for my 6th grader, next year, for ELA Language Arts.  There are actually a few websites I will be using.  I really like the K12 that follows the Common Core Standards.  I know, I can't believe I just said that either.  I just like the set up and the quality of the worksheets provided.  So, we will be using it.  She will continue to read books I choose, and some she chooses, with book reports for each.[]=303

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Are You Tired of School Yet? I Am! Visit Honeymoon Island State Park

I hope my kids don't read this, but I am tired of school now, lol. We have six weeks left, and have finished up some of our lessons. But, not all of them, so we go on. I always get tired of school, this time of year. I would much rather be by the pool, which isn't even open yet, grr, or at the beach. Normally we go to one of the local springs, or St Augustine to visit the Atlantic Ocean. But, I wanted to go somewhere different. So, we headed south to Honeymoon Island State Park, a very busy state park I might add. On the Gulf side of Florida, the water is much calmer, so it is more clear, and safer if you ask me. DJ had a ball using his goggles to see all the things under the water. Thank goodness he didn't see a shark. Caitlin enjoyed playing in the water without the waves knocking her over, or pulling down her bathing suit. I too felt more comfortable on the Gulf side, and it was a beautiful day. We will definitely visit Honeymoon Island again. Until then, we will finish up school

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