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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween Fairy Garden Homeschool Literature Project

This might not make any sense at first, so be sure and read the whole thing. Caitlin, and I are reading, Little House in the Big Woods. No, we have not come across any fairy gardens yet. But, the literature unit study that we purchased, to go with the book, had a tablescape project to do. Since it is Halloween, and I am truly in love with fairy gardens, we made this adorable Halloween, fairy garden, and it now sits in the center of our dining room table. The one pumpkin is a solar light. However, we did not have any sun for it to charge today, so we will return it to the outdoor garden tomorrow, and bring it back in at night. I make houses, and other items for fairy gardens, and I love it. They can be purchased in my Etsy shop. I have some new ideas for more houses, just haven't had time to get to them done.

We have some fun field trips coming up, so lots of pics to share soon. Both kids are progressing nicely with their lessons, and our first 10 weeks ends the first week of November.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Our First 2 Weeks of School

We finally got a full two weeks of school under our belts. We had to evacuate for Irma, so that set us back a whole week, with no FLVS, and no power even if there was. We have already made a couple of changes to DJ's curriculum. I won't go into great detail, but please be cautious of the Geometry and Chemistry programs through FLVS. We took his C from Geometry part 1, and went back to our Geometry textbook that we started out with originally, to finish up part 2. He should have it completed by end of Oct. Which would leave him to take Math for College Readiness. He has chosen to not take Algebra 2, and deal with that when he starts community college. Math is just not his thing, and he was getting very discouraged, because it has always been his dream to be a Marine Biologist, and he is a whiz at that stuff. We also opted to take his B from the first half of Chemistry, and just wait to see at the end of the year what he wants to do. He was stuck on Stoichiometry, and when he asked for tutoring he was told to watch videos. Not helpful! Anyway, since he will need another 1/2 credit of a Science, he as decided to take this course, with Khan Academy.

Today, we went to the open house at the UF/IFAS Biological Research Station in Cedar Key.  The kids had a ball, and the weather was amazing.  The highlight of the day, was a boat ride out to Seahorse Key.  That is the island where UF/IFAS does all kinds of research.  We were able to ask questions, visit the lighthouse, and a scavenger hunt.  I took the opportunity to ask one of the researchers if you had to be good in Math, to be a Marine Biologist.  She kind of laughed and said absolutely not.  She said you have to do it, but not be great at it.  She said an author named EO Wilson, an expert on ants, wrote a book about this topic and that it turns students away from all Science majors because they assume they had to be good in Math.  This was a great thing for DJ to hear. 

My husband was awarded a free state park pass, which is perfect for Caitlin's history lessons.  So, we will be doing a lot of affordable small trips in Oct.  We need to start saving for graduation, and Christmas.  Not a whole lot of fancy in Oct, lol.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Evacuating From Hurricane Irma

If you read this blog a lot, then you know last week was our first week of school.  You would also know that we were being targeted by Hurricane Irma.  We prepped Thurs, and Fri, and were planning on staying in our home.  But, on Saturday morning when I got up and saw the new path, my husband convinced me to leave.  So the kids and I, and our three dogs, piled into our Kia to head towards Alabama.  We had a horrible time finding a motel that would let us have dogs.  Finally, a not so beautiful motel, in Dothan Alabama, welcomed us, and I was so grateful.  We spent one night there, and, I had intended to stay at least two to three.  However, when I got up Sunday morning, again the path had changed and the storm was heading over Dothan, with heavy rain and possible 100 mile an h our winds.  The way the hotel was set up, I was sure it would flood.  So, we headed to my sister's in NC.  We stayed there Sunday, night and Monday.  Even that far away, Irma was so huge it was cold, and rainy.  Tuesday morning we headed back to our home in FL.  We went all back roads, as the highways about drove me nuts with two kids, and 3 dogs.  It was so much more peaceful that way.  It rained all the way through NC, and then on and off until Georgia.  We had no damage to our house, but were without power until just a few hours ago of writing this post.  Almost a week without power at our house.  We have never experienced this before.  DJ did do one English assignment, and I believe History on Sat, on FLVS.  He has also been doing his Geometry textbook 2 assignments per day.  FLVS, is off until Monday, so we will get back on regular schedule then.  Caitlin did a couple of writing assignments.  I must say with no power, we sure do have lots of time to concentrate on things that don't normally get done, like clean out the garage.  Thurs it was just too miserably hot to do anything.  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Homeschool Update

This is more or less for my own record keeping.  This is why I love this blog, and recommend to all homeschoolers to have one.  We live in a state that frequents hurricanes.  If I happen to ever lose documentation, most if not all of what I would need is here, on my sons blog, or daughter;s blog.

We have had a good start to our homeschool year, however Hurricane Irma is bearing down us, and with the path still uncertain, I may still decide to evacuate.  While we would not take a direct hit, a Cat 3 up the middle of the state, would put us in some very heavy winds.  As we live in a double wide, that could be hairy.  So, should we leave, we will take the laptop with us, so my son could at least do virtual school wherever we end up, and I will bring some stuff for my daughter.  While they are schooling I am purging, trying to save photos and documents to take with us, again a lot is online, and storing stuff in the garage that will hopefully be more sturdy than the house.  Pray for us, and everyone in the path of this horrible storm.  Of course, pray for everyone already devastated by this storm.  

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