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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Apple Jars and A Change In Plans Again

How many times have I changed the date for the start of our new school year? Good grief, it is different again. If you follow along, we have been doing Math and History, one day a week, or two over the Summer. We were officially going to start full time on Sept 15th because my FIL is coming from NY. However, I did not realize he would still be here on the 15th and that is the day my husband planned on taking him to Blue Springs. So, now Tues and Thurs of this week, we will be doing full lessons, and two days next week full lessons. Then on the 16th we will be doing 5 days a week full lessons. Whew I confuse myself sometimes. That is the beauty of homeschooling though, the flexibility it allows you to have.

I will be posting our daily activities on this blog, and my son will be keeping track of his hours on his blog. I will have to help him at first. Last week Caitlin and I, using spray paint, painted these jars, hot glued a stick to the top and voila apple jars for our Fall table. I have the Fall decorations out, but have not yet had time to rearrange and get them all out. This week, hopefully, we will get to that.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snake Skin At the Springs!

If you follow this blog, then you know for the past several weeks we have been visiting our local springs with friends. We have one more day, next Wed, and then one more trip to Blue Springs the week after that. Yesterday, we went to Fanning Springs. I did not bring the camera, and left the phone in the car. We already have tons of pics of Fanning. It was quiet there, hardly anyone there. The kids immediately went up to the observation deck, and then they were going to jump off the dock. While up on the observation deck, one of them stepped on something. Yep you guessed it, a snake skin! I don't know when it shed the skin, but it had to be pretty recent. It has been breezy here, the past few days, and one can safely assume it would have just blown off the deck. It is very light. Of course DJ had to keep a piece of it. He was sure it was a rattlesnake skin. I was not so sure. After some research you can see from the two images, DJ's with the blue background, and the other image, and it appears it is a rat snake skin. Rat snakes are nice snakes, and help keep the environment clean. I still couldn't help looking around for the snake that lost his skin. I just ordered a new microscope, should be here today, and we will be looking at the skin under that. Awesome!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Easing Back Into A New Homeschool Year With Art Class

We don't actually star our new homeschool year until, September 15th. But, I wanted to start to ease the kids back into some lessons. We have not done any for about two weeks now, not even a day or two like we were doing. So, I decided tonight we would start our new Art classes. The first lesson was on shading. The lesson lets you choose what to draw, after sharing examples of items with shading. DJ actually free handed a Buck for his project. How impressive! I did fruit, nuts, and leaves all at the base of a tree for a Fall Harvest piece. Caitlin went with cone shape trees. She actually did color it in and added a deer to hers, but somehow it did not get a final picture. We will do one lesson each week. I thought it was going to be Tues evenings, but apparently my hubby does not want it at that time. So, probably Monday evening, during my painting time.

I will be signing Caitlin up for Time4Learning on the 1st, so she can start at least one class a day, of her choice. DJ will continue with his American History. Caitlin also has started reading Black Beauty, one of the books I was going to have her read anyways. She will do a book report and Art project when done, on her blog. She is not used to full book reports, so this will be a learning experience, and I might have to help her at first. Both kids will be doing a blog post on their Summer Vacations within the next week.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blue Springs Park in High Springs Florida

Yesterday, my kids, and some of our homeschool friends took a trip to Blue Springs Park. Blue Springs, is in Gilchrist County, and about 20 min from our home. It lies on the Santa Fe River, just up the road from Poe Springs that we visited last week. There is another Blue Springs in Levy County, but it is not nearly as beautiful as this one. There are actually three springs in this one park. Big Blue Springs, Little Blue Springs, and Naked Springs. They are all able to be swam in, but we steered clear of Lil Blue Springs. It looked icky. This is now my new favorite place to visit. Unfortunately it is not super affordable, like the state parks, but still a nice treat. We will be taking my fil here in just a few weeks. The kids just absolutely loved it. For the first hour we were the only ones there. Public school is back in session, that explains that, lol. Gilchrist County is actually home to 60 springs, some unnamed, and some only accessible by canoe or boat. It is amazing because Gilchrist County is the youngest county in FL, and the smallest. Below are some links to read up on the springs, and where they are located. I learned something new. I always wondered why most of the springs have such clear, and often blue waters. The limestone that forms them acts as a filter for the water as it comes into the spring. It is an amazing, and beautiful natural wonder to see. We decided next week we would go to Fanning Springs, for one last spring trip before we start back to homeschool lessons for the year.