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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Blogging Evolution and Homeschooling

As we continue on our homeschool journey, so will this blog have to evolve and change.  I have noticed as my kids get older, there is less to blog about, as far as our homeschool goes.  So, I will be veering away from our personal journey to add other educational posts, that I either find interesting or near and dear to our personal journey.

First, DJ is doing awesome with his 3 FLVS school classes.  At first I was nervous, but he has adjusted, and his grades are awesome, even in Geometry.  He really does not like Math!

As I had previously stated I was extremely ill in Dec, that the after effects went right through January. Now the lengthy puzzle must be completed to find out why.  2 years ago my mom was in a horrible car accident.  We spent a lot of time helping her rehab.  This hurt Caitlin in some ways, and helped her in others.  As we try to put the puzzle together for me, I don't want her to get behind.  So, we have had to adjust some of our extracurricular activities, they aren't happy but it is only for a few weeks, to catch up and make sure she is on track.

I also would like to return to work, even if it is just prn.  So, I am studying my options for that as well.  2 years away from nursing was a nice break, but I think I am ready to get back in.

I was going to share some World History links we are using, but apparently I didn't save them on this computer.  So, I will just share one of the last videos we watched.  DJ will be taking the CLEP in the Summer.  If he does well we will pursue more of that option.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Changes

This has been an interesting school year, so far for us.  Being sick from Christmas and a lot of January, did not set us back, but it did make me think a lot about the future.  While I still am not certain what caused the incident, the puzzle pieces are falling into place, and hopefully it won't be as serious as I feared.  I was hoping to already be back in the work place, but until it is decided that I will not be needing labs, and test, with Dr visits, frequently, I just think it is better to wait.  My kids, and husband have been wonderful, as well as friends, and family.  It is scary when you are young to anticipate a serious illness.  Learning experiences abound, for all of us, and people say homeschool kids get no experience with life.  Ha, we are living life everyday, real life, not drama life!

DJ decided this past week that he wanted to do Chemistry and Geometry on FLVS, rather than with me.  I actually think this was a good decision.  I do not understand Geometry.  I mean I can get through it and probably get an A, if the formula is right in front of me.  But, to teach it, it just wasn't working.  Though we tried several resources, he just felt due to the time issue of being in 11th grade it was his best option.  Chemistry is just really hard, and a lot of info, again he felt it was better to have an actual teacher he could have access to.  I completely agreed with him, and was proud of him for taking the initiative.  So, he is in both classes on FLVS now.

Nothing new with Caitlin except for Drama, which she is really liking.  I am proud of her for stepping way out of her comfort zone to try something new.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

Homeschool Chemistry Lab Using Acrylic Beads

I did not realize I had already posted about this, a couple of posts ago. But, I didn't post it as a Chemistry Lab, as we did today with my high schooler, and my middle schooler. Most of our Chemistry labs will be geared towards household items, and not so much mixing of chemicals. So, first, I wanted to make sure they both understood what a physical change was vs a chemical change. My son has to write everything down to count as a Lab. So, here is the procedure.

We used an old toaster oven outside, for ventilation purposes. Melting plastic stinks and is quite toxic.

You can see the bag of acrylic beads below. There are a lot of them. They were a gift to my daughter several years ago, that just never got used.

We used the tray that came with the toaster oven, lined it with parchment paper, then filled three metal cookie cutters 1/4 of the way full with the beads. The blue and white bunny is my daughter's. She was a little more meticulous about the selection of her beads.

Set the oven on 450, and bake beads for 20 minutes. Do not do this indoors, unless you like to inhale deadly fumes.

When done discuss the results. As my kids could tell the melting of the beads from their original form into the second form was definitely a chemical reaction. However, we had a great deal of discussion, and finally agreed that when the melted beads were removed from the oven and allowed to cool, that was a physical reaction because they were still the same makeup of the melted beads, but went from liquid to solid. We will drill holes in these and make sun catchers.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Finally Back From Christmas Break!

We are back from Christmas break, and had a great first week. I was quite ill for most of our break, so I am real happy I decided to take that extra week. If you have a child taking Chemistry, and you would rather not blow up your house with a traditional Chemistry kit. You can try finding cooking Chemistry experiments, or use from the videos below. We made up one of our own that I will share in a later post, when I get the directions together, and some pictures.

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