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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Almost Time

It is almost time for our first homeschool graduation.  The program has been created, the menu created, the church booked, and the reception hall reserved.  I have purchased some of the decor, but I still need to get the diploma, and get some pics done through the years.  I have to check with my son to see if his girlfriend is doing the slideshow or not, and what his entrance song will be.  We are keeping a very simple menu.  We are not fancy, so I see no need to have a fancy party.  The party is at the springs, and they have very strict rules about decorations.  I will share the program details on the next post, so stay tuned if you need ideas.

I am also in the midst of starting to plan 9th grade for Caitlin next year.  I have not accomplished much, lol. 

Drama is really heating up now, even though the show is still 2 months away.  It takes up a lot of time, but both of them really love it, and it covers their Arts credit for high school.  We continue to walk at least 3 days a week to be sure to get our PE credit, and we are doing a Health course in may, only 8 hours, but it is a great class.  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Homeschooling Outdoors

This is my absolute most favorite time of year, here in Florida. It is warm, but not too warm, and being outside is not uncomfortable. No bugs, no snakes, well mostly no snakes. We did see a Water Moccasin sunning itself on a big log, but we were nowhere near it. We used to do outdoor homeschooling all the time. Then, when my son hit is Junior and Senior year, it just became almost impossible with the amount of time needed to do his school work. He is a Senior this year, but has a much better control of his time spent on classes, plus he needs volunteer hours. Even though we volunteer all the time, I often forget to get signatures, so it doesn't really help. Take that into consideration if you are logging volunteer hours. Get the forms signed. Anyway he is volunteering every other Thursday. So, Caitlin and I get to explore some of our local springs while we wait for him to finish. So many things to see and learn about. I have missed our Outdoor Homeschooling days. So peaceful and relaxing. We always try to learn something new, either about the spring we are visiting, things that go on there, such as diving, wildlife, or plants. This week we are just going to the springs for fun, no school, just fun. Can't wait. When we get towards the end of the school year, I am plenty ready to relax, lol.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Planning A Homeschool Graduation: Step 3

I have moved on to step 3 of planning our homeschool graduation. This morning I ordered his cap and gown, in the school colors he chose. I used this website  Our long distance invites have been sent out, and a general event page has been created on FB.  Today, or tomorrow I will work on the rest of the invites that need to be mailed.  The others will be hand delivered. If I don't complete it this week, next week I hope to have the ceremony program created. 

Everything is happening so fast now.  I also applied for the FAFSA, and started gathering what he needs to apply to college.  I created his wood burned money/gift box, I will share that next week, as it needs to be stained.  I also found a huge, heavy lovely glass mug, at the dollar tree, and am going to etch something funny on it, and have it for people to put coins or one dollar bills in.  I should have that done next week, also.

If you would like me to create a wood burned keepsake box for your graduate, leave me a comment, or visit my Etsy shop to see the one created for my son, and place a custom order there. 

After researching many catering websites, we have decided to buy a warmer, and do hot dogs, and a couple of salads for food.  It is just so much more frugal to do that way. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Planning A Homeschool Graduation Step 2

It has been about a month since I last posted, and that is about right for the next step.  While we are still undecided on what to do with food, want to keep it affordable, but not where we are spending the whole day cooking. 

So, step 2 is doing the invitations.  We decided to do our own pictures, and create the invitations.  How much more homeschooled is that?  DJ and his girlfriend had a ball taking the pics, and then choosing which ones they liked best.  Of course I had the last say.  I let him pick one, and me pick one.  We did them on card stock, instead of photo paper, because it was more affordable, and I am not real sure people keep them anyways.  We ordered 40 invites, with envelopes, and it only cost 33 dollars with shipping.  Since we are frugal, we will have a FB invite for family and friends who don't need, or want an actual invitation.  That was also created, but no invites sent yet.  DJ did his invites in his school colors, royal blue, and silver, the red is just the tablecloth on my dining room table.  We put RSVP info on the back.  Since our church is a huge part of our family, and where the ceremony will be, we will post one invite there, and it will be in the announcements.  Easy peasy this step was. 

Next step is to create a program for the ceremony.  I will share that when it is done.  Plus, I have his wooden box for cards, and money, that I need to draw his theme on and wood burn.  Again, I hope that will be soon.  I probably will order his cap and gown soon, just so I am sure to get it in time.  We also have to book the pavilion at the springs, so there is no mad dash to get one.

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