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Friday, September 15, 2017

Evacuating From Hurricane Irma

If you read this blog a lot, then you know last week was our first week of school.  You would also know that we were being targeted by Hurricane Irma.  We prepped Thurs, and Fri, and were planning on staying in our home.  But, on Saturday morning when I got up and saw the new path, my husband convinced me to leave.  So the kids and I, and our three dogs, piled into our Kia to head towards Alabama.  We had a horrible time finding a motel that would let us have dogs.  Finally, a not so beautiful motel, in Dothan Alabama, welcomed us, and I was so grateful.  We spent one night there, and, I had intended to stay at least two to three.  However, when I got up Sunday morning, again the path had changed and the storm was heading over Dothan, with heavy rain and possible 100 mile an h our winds.  The way the hotel was set up, I was sure it would flood.  So, we headed to my sister's in NC.  We stayed there Sunday, night and Monday.  Even that far away, Irma was so huge it was cold, and rainy.  Tuesday morning we headed back to our home in FL.  We went all back roads, as the highways about drove me nuts with two kids, and 3 dogs.  It was so much more peaceful that way.  It rained all the way through NC, and then on and off until Georgia.  We had no damage to our house, but were without power until just a few hours ago of writing this post.  Almost a week without power at our house.  We have never experienced this before.  DJ did do one English assignment, and I believe History on Sat, on FLVS.  He has also been doing his Geometry textbook 2 assignments per day.  FLVS, is off until Monday, so we will get back on regular schedule then.  Caitlin did a couple of writing assignments.  I must say with no power, we sure do have lots of time to concentrate on things that don't normally get done, like clean out the garage.  Thurs it was just too miserably hot to do anything.  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Homeschool Update

This is more or less for my own record keeping.  This is why I love this blog, and recommend to all homeschoolers to have one.  We live in a state that frequents hurricanes.  If I happen to ever lose documentation, most if not all of what I would need is here, on my sons blog, or daughter;s blog.

We have had a good start to our homeschool year, however Hurricane Irma is bearing down us, and with the path still uncertain, I may still decide to evacuate.  While we would not take a direct hit, a Cat 3 up the middle of the state, would put us in some very heavy winds.  As we live in a double wide, that could be hairy.  So, should we leave, we will take the laptop with us, so my son could at least do virtual school wherever we end up, and I will bring some stuff for my daughter.  While they are schooling I am purging, trying to save photos and documents to take with us, again a lot is online, and storing stuff in the garage that will hopefully be more sturdy than the house.  Pray for us, and everyone in the path of this horrible storm.  Of course, pray for everyone already devastated by this storm.  

Monday, September 4, 2017

Back to Homeschooling, Volunteering and Hurricane Irma

We start back to homeschooling tomorrow, and just to throw a monkey wrench in it,  Hurricane Irma has it's eyes set on Florida.   So, along with starting school, I have to get together our hurricane kit.  This one is supposed to be a strong one.  We have only dealt with 1 or 2's, since moving here.  Plus, since I was diagnosed with CKD this year, I have to make sure there are appropriate foods for me in the kit.  But, tonight I am painting.  I didn't get to paint last Monday, pesky migraine, and next Monday is not looking great.

I am not doing props to Sam's Club, but seriously if you have one it is well worth the small membership fee, especially for hurricane readiness.  Yes, it is a pain having all that bulky stuff lying around, but it only lasts for a bit of time as you start to use it.  We save appx 300 dollars each month shopping once a month at Sams.

On Saturday, Sept 2, we did our first volunteer day, three hours, with Helping Hands Pet Rescue, and the kids loved it.  DJ got to be dog ambassador, and Caitlin was on kitten watch.  We will do that at least once a month, maybe twice.  We still have our other groups that we volunteer for on an as needed basis for special events.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Menu Choices for First 4 States

As I mentioned in my last post, Caitlin will be cooking this year.  She will choose traditional foods, and recipes for each state, and cook two a week.  She will have a state info sheet for each state to fill out, and read up on the history of the traditional foods.  She will then do a blog post for each.  The first four states, and their menu items are:

Florida:  Gator Smoothies, and Key West Penne, and Key Lime Honey Grilled Chicken

Alabama:  Southern Fried Chicken, and Dill Pickle Potato Salad

Alaska:  Curry Salmon, will use chicken, with broccoli

Arizona:  Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas and Sopapillas

Because of my special diet, these will be tweeked to meet standards for CKD, or I will cook mine separate.  They don't like their meat fried in coconut oil, and while Evo is OK for me, coconut oil is better.  I only bake with coconut oil now, and replace eggs with bananas or applesauce.

With the holidays coming, and since I like to enjoy them, I will be posting recipes for foods and treats to take to parties for the holidays, that comply with CKD.  I love the app from  the National Kidney Foundation called, My Food Coach.  I put my info in, and it tells me exactly how much of the foods I need for the day to meet the requirements for potassium, phosphorus, protein and calcium, oh and sodium too.  Please use with caution with your doctor and dietitian, especially if you are new to CKD, and are unsure how to read labels, analyze and or convert metric units.  This can be very dangerous to you.  Too little and  you can harm yourself, too much and you can harm yourself, it is a very delicate balance not to be taken lightly.  I know for me, having too much sodium makes me feel crappy, so I try very hard to restrict sodium.  I also know the importance of sodium to the body, and Iodine to the thyroid.  My body needs some.

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