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Friday, October 21, 2016

Homeschool Week in Review 10/17-10/21

Well it was an interesting homeschool week, as it almost always is. I am continually learning about my children, and the strengths and weaknesses that they have. I feel truly blessed to be able to assist them in their teenage years. We have two major changes we are making, both for my oldest child. He was doing the Digital Media course through FLVS. However, we simply could not get the program we had to use to work. He spent hours, and still it was so slow and laggy that he fell behind on all his other classes. Due to that, we requested a withdrawal from the class. He had an A in that class, so felt rather discouraged. However, we will be replacing that class with a learning to read music class, for 1/2 credit, then after that a drawing class for 1/2 credit. He seemed pleased with these options. I am behind on grading, nothing new there, lol. We did not get in a Chemistry lab this week, other than discussion based, no hands on, but we did get in an Art project, related to our History studies. We have been learning about Africa. We did a map activity, and now today we all did an Art project. I printed the kids favorite native animals out, as they wanted to use colored pencils. Mine is hand drawn and then painted with paint pens, and Sharpies. The idea with African Art is that it is bold, and somewhat wild if you will. I picked a bear, yes there was a native bear in Africa. The Atlas Bear, which is now believed to be extinct. DJ picked the Ethiopian Wolf, and Caitlin picked a Leopard. You can read about the Atlas Bear, here, and the Ethiopian Wolf here.

Oct 17, 2016

LA:  60 minutes
Chemistry:  60 minutes
History:  60 minutes
Geometry:  60 minutes
Digital Media:  60 minutes
Psych1:  60 minutes

Caitlin-  full day

All other days through the 21st the same as above, except for before mentioned issues with Digital Media.  DJ made up lessons at night.  Wed is our standard half day, when we walk with friends, 60 minutes Youth Band practice, plus FLVS for DJ.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

School In Review 10/10-10/14

There was nothing exceptional about school last week. Monday was only a half day, and Friday-Sunday the kids went off to camp. We did not get behind on lessons, and we remain on schedule at this point. As we continue to study Africa, for our World History, I thought we would do at least one African piece of art. I love this website, and we will be using it in the near future. We already did a map activity, about a week ago or so.  Below is just a sampling of the types of art work, from the website.  We will be doing our own, and I will share them later.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Here We Go Again Hurricane Matthew Effecting Our School Days

The video below shows some of the horrible devastation Haiti suffered from Hurricane Matthew. Matthew is raking up the East coast of our beautiful state. All the public schools are closed, so I decided to take today off too, since my husband will be home from work early anyways. Our weather just now is starting to get ugly where we are sort of center west of the state. Below is what our schedule looked like for the week, and of course Thursday we spent some time preparing for Matthew.

Monday October 3, 2016

Language Arts: 60 minutes
Chemistry: 60 minutes
History: 60 minutes
Geometry: 60 minutes
Digital Media: 60 minutes
Psych 1: 60 minutes

Caitlin: Math, History, Science, Bible, Spanish, LA, Reading

All other days were the same with the exceptions noted below.

Wednesday Oct 5th, Run/Walk, DJ 60 min band practice, Caitlin volunteered to cook. DJ did Digital Media and Psych 1

Friday Oct 7th no school

The Marine Ecology boat trip was canceled due to the hurricane.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homeschool Week in Review for 10/26-10/30

Our second week of school has been really good.  We got a lot done, and we are adapting our schedule as needed.  Tomorrow, I hope to get on the phone with one of the local springs to set up volunteer times for the kids.  Tomorrow, I have not laid out exactly what we will be doing, but for sure a Chemistry lab, Chemistry chapter 1 test, Writing, Art,, and maybe some reading.  Fridays are our days to get in some fun lessons, that are not traditional text book lessons.  To supplement our reading on Africa, we found a nice documentary on Netflix.

Monday October 26

DJ:  LA-  30 minutes
Chemistry:  60 minutes
History:  60 minutes
Geometry:  60 minutes
Digital Media:  60 minutes
Psych1:  60 minutes


Math, History, Science, Reading, Writing, Spanish

Tuesday:  October 27  Same as October 26th

Wednesday:  Nature walk with friends.  DJ Digital Media:  60 minutes, Psych1:  60 minutes.  Caitlin Reading and Spanish.  DJ 60 minutes youth band

Thursday October 29  same as Monday.

Friday October 30, as mentioned above

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