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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Online Homeschool Portfolio?

We are in our full Summer vacation schedule, and so far so good.  The kids are getting plenty of extra sleep, fun time with friends, and relaxing too.  Plus, I get to do all the household things, like clean closets, since I don't have to worry about being quiet. 

We have had the same evaluator since we started homeschooling, 10 years ago, and she is awesome.  This year, I asked her if instead of lugging all the paperwork to her house, if I could do an online portfolio right here on this blog.  She said yes!  So, this will be a first for her, and for me.  We still have our face to face meeting, so no change in price, and I still have to bring our daily log and a book for them to read from.  But, besides that all other info she would want to see will be right here.  I am thinking this will be much easier.  Our evaluations are not until August, so this gives me plenty of time to get it set up how I want.

Do you homeschool?  How do you do evaluations?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Finishing Up the 2015/2016 Homeschool Year Plus Some Great Summer Deals

This is our last full week of lessons.  We will be doing Math over the Summer, plus my son has to finish Biology.  We will be doing two to three days a week, of about 2 hours of work.  Caitlin will be doing Writing along with her Math.  She is currently writing a book on Wattpad, but does not want that included in her school work, so that will be free time work.  DJ is also at a stand still on his second book, so that is also on hold until he figures it out.  Wattpad has helped encourage Caitlin and her creative writing.  Assigned writing assignments are still a hassle, but she is getting a hold of it.  So, over the next few days, I need to come up with final exams for each child, and each subject.  Biology, no final needed, he holds an average of 100, and Caitlin is finishing up her Science testing, and should be done soon. I, believe it or not, have next year's curriculums almost completely chosen.  I will be sharing those in the coming weeks.  I also have to start working on our portfolios, for  our yearly evaluations in August.   There are two websites I want to share with you, to use over the Summer months.

Nanowrimo is doing a Summer writing contest.  DJ did their Fall contest, and loved it.  However he is not interested in doing it over the Summer, much to my sadness.  It is completely free, and an awesome way to get your kids writing. He will be doing it again in the Fall.  Click this link to check it out. 

Second, I got an email, yesterday from Homeschool Buyers Co-op with their list of free for Summer class offerings.  There are several awesome options here.  I took advantage of and Emusic.  If DJ likes the Math format, and setup, then I will buy their Geometry course for next year.  Otherwise I will stick with Saxon Geometry, which I have not yet purchased.  Be sure to read all the directions when you sign up for any of the classes.  They are not complicated, but there are steps that must be followed.  You do have to be a member of the website, which is also free to get the deals.  Click this link, to visit and check out all the offerings. 

That is it for now.  Be back in a few days with more awesome stuff that I find.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Review For Prodigy Math Game

As we round out our school year, I have been planning for next year, already.  I already got Chemistry purchased, and I am looking at getting Alpha/Omega for my daughter.  I have heard mixed reviews for their Lifepac series, but my son has been doing their Consumer Math, for this year, and we had no issues.  I am probably getting her a grade ahead then where she will be.  So, I won't have to worry about her, plus I can always supplement if it isn't enough.  I am not sure I will use their Math, because she is really enjoying Prodigy Math, and I will be using Saxon 7/6 with her.  This will free up a lot of computer time that the kids are currently monopolizing for school, and allow me to get some much needed computer stuff done.  My son was going to do 3 classes on FLVS, but because of the reason I just stated, and the fact that I found some much forgotten high school text books, he will only be doing 1 class on FLVS.  His reading music lessons will also be online.  So, I really still just need a Chemistry kit, and Saxon Geometry, and we are all set for next year.  I hope, lol

I am doing a short review for Prodigy Math.  This is not a paid, or sponsored review, just a website we enjoy and I want to share it with my readers.  Prodigy Math is free.  There is a paid membership, 5 dollars a month, but we currently use the free version.  If my daughter decides she will do it every day, for an hour, over Summer, I will let her get a membership.  Below are my likes and dislikes about Prodigy Math,

1.  It is grade K-8, so it meets a lot of levels.
2.  My daughter actually enjoys it.
3.  I get to choose the topics, number of questions, and time frame for her to practice.
4.  They offer a free placement test.
5.  You can use Common Core, or choose not to.
6.  It is free, and lets face it 5 dollars per month is not that bad either.
7.  You can play unlimited, even free accounts.
8.  It gives me accurate reports for each student.  Currently both my kids are signed up as students, but only my daughter uses it.

1.  Prodigy Math does not actually teach your student.  So, it is not a complete Math program for me.  I still have to teach her things she doesn't know.  I am not complaining, but it would be awesome if they offered lessons.
2.  This is not Prodigy's fault, so not really a dislike just for them, but for all computer based learning, and that is sometimes directions are not clear enough, and it is  hard for the student to figure out exactly what the computer wants.  That is one of the things I dislike about most computer based learning.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Frontier House PBS Series

While looking for some more fun ways to learn about the West, I came upon a PBS series called Frontier House. It is on Youtube, and I believe there is more than one season. We watched episode one, so far, and I was surprised at how realistic it was. It takes modern families and puts them in a Pioneer setting. Caitlin, and I both have enjoyed it so far. Check it out if you are studying the West, or Pioneers.

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