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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Final Writing Tests Determined

As we finish up the year, some subjects I do my own test format.  Both kids will be doing the California standardized test this year.  I just haven't picked when, but it will be sometime in July.  For the end of year writing test, I have picked the topic for both kids.  DJ, end of 9th grade, is finishing up Marine Biology.  It is his life goal to be a Marine Biologist someday.  So, his final writing exam will be to explain what Marine Biology is, and why he has chosen that as a career path.

Caitlin, end of 5th grade, has accomplished a lot in her writing this year.  She, and I will continue to work on her writing over the Summer.  Her final writing exam will be to write a tutorial on proper care of a rabbit.  She has had a pet rabbit for many years now.  She will do a rough draft, then fixes, then write her final paper. 

Both kids will post to their blogs.  I still have to determine a test for Japanese 1, and Music. 

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