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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Two Cool Websites for Science and Geography

I had never heard of either of these websites until today.  Both of them I found on a homeschool group, on Facebook, that I belong to.

The first one Mystery Science is an awesome Science website.  Normally their curriculum is $99 per year.  But, they are giving away a free year of their curriculum to the first 10,000 respondents.  I got mine, but I was like 9,047 so there are not many left.  Click here, to see if you can get one too.  As far as I can tell there is no catch, and it is completely legitimate. 

The second website, Lizard Point, I know weird name, actually offers more than Geography just click the home button.  But, I want to use it for Geography.  Tomorrow we will be trying it out, for  our Geography lesson.  We are doing China tomorrow, and Netflix has some really cool documentaries on China.  So, China may end up being more than one day so we can watch the whole season.  We will also attempt some Chinese food tomorrow, for dinner.  It never seems to taste as good at home, but we will give it a whirl.

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