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Monday, March 14, 2016

Field Trip to Ichtucknee Springs

Since we finally got our year long state park pass, I want to be sure we use it. Since it is still the school year, we can do a field trip here and there, at least once a month. Today, we traveled to Fort White, to visit Ichtucknee Springs. This spring was named an official historic landmark in 1972. The spring itself is not that large, but the main activity here is the tubing down the Santa Fe River. We did not tube today, but we will definitely return to do so. For Christmas, DJ and I both got water proof cell phone case covers, specifically rated for underwater images. Much cheaper than buying and underwater camera, if they worked. Since his phone was getting replaced anyway, that same day, we used his phone as a guinea pig. It worked amazing, not even one drop of water got in there. Now we need to find some Manatees, lol. If we get to Fanning Springs, before it gets too warm, we will almost certainly see at least one there. This was our first time to this park, and the weather was spectacular. We walked a one mile trail, down and back, and that was just super nice.

I have been slacking on the blogging, again, my apologies. Just been so busy. I will get the Physics activity posted this week, and will probably have another at the end of the week.

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