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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Field Trip to Fort Clinch and Little Talbott Island State Parks

I am so happy we bought a Florida State Park Pass. I think we have used it six times already, and this Friday we are taking another field trip to Paynes Prairie. Last Monday, all of us, even the hubby, took a trip to Amelia Island. On Amelia Island there are several different state parks, plus Fernandina Beach, a small town on Amelia Island, that I just fell in love with. Anyway, we decided we would visit two of the state parks all in one day. Why? Because some don't allow swimming, and everyone wanted to swim. In the end only Caitlin swam, lol. Fort Clinch, we visited first. Fort Clinch is a beautiful state park, with lots of trails for hiking, and biking. The canopy entering the park was just beautiful. The Fort itself, was not included in the price of the state park. It was 2 dollars per person, which is still a great deal. The museum part of the fort was small, but the 12 min video about the fort, was awesome. The fort is not handicapped accessible, at all, but you could just stay on the lower levels and be fine if you needed to. I didn't post all the pics, because it takes too long, and I really think anyone reading this should visit this park, and get some of your own, hint hint.

Little Talbott Island State Park, has a huge beach, and it was very clean and quiet. Of course it was a Monday afternoon. The surf was rather rough, and ooh the water was cold. If it had been just a little bit hotter, all of us would have swam, but it was only 75 and just not warm enough. Except for Caitlin, lol, she swam. We walked the beach, collecting different shells, that we hadn't found before. I have some projects in mind for them, and they are currently cleaning in 50/50 solution of bleach and water. We even found large Sand Dollars, they were broken, but we have never found any before so that was exciting.  We got to take a ferry ride, back in town, and ended with dinner at Olive Garden.  All in all a beautiful day!

I still have a bunch of experiments to share, and I hope to get them uploaded soon.


Small Town Mommy said...

I love Amelia Island. It is just beautiful there.

Melissa said...

It truly is!

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