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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ions, Molecules and Compounds Chemistry Videos

It was an odd week of homeschooling this week.  Our schedule was changed 3 different times.  We did not get in our work day, that will be next Tuesday.  We did get to see the election process finally come to an end.  Too bad I have to do it again in 4 years, when my 12 yr old will be in High School.  DJ has been reading through his Chemistry textbook and the lesson is Ions, Molecules and Compounds.  I am hoping next Friday, he will be able to test on it, and do the lab.  Most schools are coming up on the end of their first quarter, but because we didn't start back to school until the third week of Sept.  our first quarter does not end until the beginning of December.  I am considering starting to let my son research some local jobs so he can make a little extra money, and learn some skills for having a job.  The application, resume and interview process are much more meaningful if you actually get a job at the end of the process.  Below are some videos on the current Chemistry lesson.

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