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Monday, December 12, 2016

Crazy December Month!

See that picture of the beach? That is what I need right now. What a month December has been, and next week is even busier. On a relaxed note, we will be having a family day Saturday, to do something relaxing. Our Singing Christmas Tree Choir, has the grand finale tonight. What an experience, and blessing it has turned out to be. When we first started this, I thought this is a huge commitment, every Sunday for 3 months to practice, then 4 nights in a row for the actual event. But, we have met some amazing people, and I hope we are bringing blessings and joy to those who come to see it. My son is doing Mary Did You Know, as a solo. No solos for me, no one needs to be deaf, lol. I am keeping track of hours, plus his Praise Band, and Reading Music, he should have enough hours for a whole credit. I am hoping my daughter, and husband will join us next year. With 59 other people in the choir, you really don't have to worry about being able to sing great.

I am behind on my record keeping, on this blog, but it is all in my trusty calendar. We ended our first quarter, last week, and I am still working on grading, and getting a report card done for DJ. DJ opted to change his Chemistry from textbook format, to CK12. It just wasn't working doing the textbook, and already he is moving along faster, and improving his grade. We will be taking off a full 3 weeks for Christmas break. This will give me time to catch up on grading, re-evaluate where we are so far, and get some much needed Winter yard work, and storage issues taken care of.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Christmas season. If you are blue, or feeling lonely, I encourage you to visit your local church, or get involved with a charity. So many people need each other this time of year, maybe you will find something new and beautiful.

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