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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Blogging Evolution and Homeschooling

As we continue on our homeschool journey, so will this blog have to evolve and change.  I have noticed as my kids get older, there is less to blog about, as far as our homeschool goes.  So, I will be veering away from our personal journey to add other educational posts, that I either find interesting or near and dear to our personal journey.

First, DJ is doing awesome with his 3 FLVS school classes.  At first I was nervous, but he has adjusted, and his grades are awesome, even in Geometry.  He really does not like Math!

As I had previously stated I was extremely ill in Dec, that the after effects went right through January. Now the lengthy puzzle must be completed to find out why.  2 years ago my mom was in a horrible car accident.  We spent a lot of time helping her rehab.  This hurt Caitlin in some ways, and helped her in others.  As we try to put the puzzle together for me, I don't want her to get behind.  So, we have had to adjust some of our extracurricular activities, they aren't happy but it is only for a few weeks, to catch up and make sure she is on track.

I also would like to return to work, even if it is just prn.  So, I am studying my options for that as well.  2 years away from nursing was a nice break, but I think I am ready to get back in.

I was going to share some World History links we are using, but apparently I didn't save them on this computer.  So, I will just share one of the last videos we watched.  DJ will be taking the CLEP in the Summer.  If he does well we will pursue more of that option.

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