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Monday, June 5, 2017

My Homeschool Writing Rubric for 7th Grade

As we are finishing up our school year, and thinking of next  year, I have decided to post a writing rubric so my daughter will know exactly what I expect, and how she will be graded going forward.  She will be doing writing over the Summer so this will continue until at least then.  When she begins 8th grade I will have to create another rubric, as she will be required to do more.  This is my own rubric, based on my own skills that I want to see her achieve.  This may not be strict enough,  but it works for me.

7th Grade Writing Rubric

100 points for a perfect paper.  Points deducted as follows.

Minus 1 point if no name is on the paper, for written paper assignments.

Paper must contain 5 paragraphs in total, an intro, 3 supporting, and a conclusion.  Minus 2 points for each missing paragraph.

Each paragraph must contain at least 5 complete sentences.  Minus 3 points for each missing sentence.  If you add more than 5 sentences in any given paragraph, I will add 3 bonus points.

You must use proper grammar already taught, with spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.  It is your responsibility to either ask if you forgot, or look up the rule to be sure.  Minus 2 points for every spelling, capitalized either not or is when shouldn't be, and punctuation error.  If you use quotation marks properly, I will add 2 bonus points each time.

All errors will be marked, or noted on your blog post for you to review and learn from your mistakes.  

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