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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Homeschool Update

This is more or less for my own record keeping.  This is why I love this blog, and recommend to all homeschoolers to have one.  We live in a state that frequents hurricanes.  If I happen to ever lose documentation, most if not all of what I would need is here, on my sons blog, or daughter;s blog.

We have had a good start to our homeschool year, however Hurricane Irma is bearing down us, and with the path still uncertain, I may still decide to evacuate.  While we would not take a direct hit, a Cat 3 up the middle of the state, would put us in some very heavy winds.  As we live in a double wide, that could be hairy.  So, should we leave, we will take the laptop with us, so my son could at least do virtual school wherever we end up, and I will bring some stuff for my daughter.  While they are schooling I am purging, trying to save photos and documents to take with us, again a lot is online, and storing stuff in the garage that will hopefully be more sturdy than the house.  Pray for us, and everyone in the path of this horrible storm.  Of course, pray for everyone already devastated by this storm.  

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