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Monday, October 7, 2019

Around the World in 80 Days

This is a post for a friend who is looking for projects to go with the book.  I thought I had some resources on this blog, already, but apparently, I do not.  A lot of the resources out there are for younger kids but can be easily adapted for older kids.  I personally would do more with the culture of each place visited through research, writing and art projects.  I may actually use this for Caitlin for World History next year. Instead of making a passport, due to age, I may just have her get a passport.  Another thing I would do, for older kids, is to have them cook traditional food from each place visited.  There is a link to purchase the book below if you need it. Speaking of History, this week we start the 2nd Amendment.  This is a huge topic and we will spend several weeks on it.  I will post links for this topic later this week.  A lot of it will be video, discussions and then end with a writing assignment.  There is a debate coming up on the 15th, so that will be on our radar as well.  Caitlin is finally walking, again, so we are back to walking for PE.

These are all free resources, except for 1, and that is only $1.25.  The book is not free and is an affiliate link.  Some of these have extensive activities available and may take some time to weed through.

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