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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Final Week of Grade 10

This is the final full week for Grade 10 for Caitlin.  This post will count as our portfolio for evaluation purposes.  We were going to do the PERT this year, but since her Language Arts still needs some work, I will have her take it at the end of 11th grade.  Below you will see the classes completed and the final grades.  I have not tallied all of the grades, yet, so some will be added later.  We are going on a family trip soon, and then my son is getting married.  So, I am anticipating a very busy Summer.

Math:  Algebra 1A 0.5 credit.  I am unsure how to find a grade on Aleks, but she did the work to get the credit.  She is still doing Algebra 1B and will do it over the summer until the school year begins again in the fall. 

Language Arts:  1 credit with an emphasis on Grammar and Writing.  She got an 84 on her final exam.

Science:  Oceanography:  1 credit.  She completed this course and got an 80 on the final.  She will move on to Biology in the fall. 

ASL:  1 credit.  She completed the course and her final grade is:         She will need to take another year of sign language for college credit of 2 foreign languages in the same language.  ASL counts towards that now. 

History:  I already shared her final in another post, I will have to look, but I think it was 86.  She got 1 credit for Civics and Government

Driving:  0.5 credit through FLVS.  I will probably use FLVS again for her Junior year for some classes.  She is still studying to take her learner's permit.

She continues to volunteer every Tuesday morning at Williston Animal Group and will continue into the foreseeable future.  This is something she enjoys very much.  She has been doing this since January of 2020.  I would not mind her taking on a job in her Junior year, especially if she chooses not to do Drama.

For PE she gets 1 credit as she did at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week, for the full year.  She will be starting a rigorous physical fitness routine in the fall, in order to prepare to be a Cop, the profession she has chosen.  It is grueling and I hope to do it with her. 

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