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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Cant Believe How Hot It Is Already!

This is our third year, living in Florida. We are originally from NY, and while we are adjusting to the heat, this is ridiculous. It is the time of year, where it starts to heat up, here in Florida. We dont usually see this kind of heat, this early however. It has been well over 100, every day for at least 5 days now. It is so hot, that our pool feels like a hot tub. We have to go out and swim, before 10 am, for it to even feel cool and refreshing. I hope this is not a sign of the summer to come. Back in NY, where we still have family, they are under heat warning themselves. We have had thunder every single day, but maybe only 10 drops of rain. The grass is all brown and yucky. I hope we get some good rain soon.


Samsara said...

[i love this blog! house rock brought back memories.]

i originate from tampa. we went to see my parents last august for my birthday. it was miserable. i feel for ya.

Dropping on you from Entrecard,

Melissa said...

My children love the school house rock videos, and yes it brings back memories every time I watch them. Thank you for stopping by, I hope to talk to you again. Stay cool.

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