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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do You Have A Puppy, Mother Dog,or Dog With Incontinence?

I have not done a review in a very long time. Just have not had the time to sit and do one. Then my little dog decided she wanted to start to mark her territory. It is not just boy dogs that mark their territory, trust me. She is two and has always been on the nervous side. When she would get excited she would have a little squirt of an accident. Now, that she is older, she wants to be top dog over the older and much bigger dog. I caught her a couple times marking her spot on the couch. I am almost positive she was marking her turf because of the way she acted preceding the incident. Rather than spank her, as some suggested to me, or try and keep her off the furniture, I bought pull ups. You know the kind little kids wear. I had to cut a hole for the tale, and they are a pain to put on and off, with velcro fastening, when she needs to go out to potty. Then, one day I was at our Earth Kids meeting, and a fellow member was telling me about these new doggy diapers they just got in inventory. Of course I wanted to check them out. So, she showed me, and I bought 2. They are completely washable, go on and off with ease, and there is a hole already there for the tale. You can see Lucky wearing one in the picture below. I have been using them for about three weeks now and I love them. Not only will they prevent her from going where she is not supposed to, but the one time she did have a squirt in them, I think she actually didn't like that wet feeling. She has not done it since, though she still wears the diaper when we are not home, or vulnerable times for nervousness. Since she is not fixed either, the diaper will come in very handy when she is in heat. If you have a dog that is not fixed, you know exactly what I am referring to. They come in sizes from XS all the way up to XL for the bigger dogs. These diapers are great for potty training, deterring marking of territory, heat control and uncontrollable incontinence. I must tell you I received nothing from doing this review. It is my honest opinion of a product I purchased.

Below is some more of the products offered by Ezwhelp, or you can just go ahead and visit their website to get the doggy diapers, whelping boxes, pads and other great products too. They are a small family owned business.

1 comment:

betchai said...

That's cute, It's great to know there are dog dapers too

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