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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Red Hair!

Tuesday, for our Earth Kid's meeting, we met at a fellow members home rather than one of the local springs. The girls had asked me at the last meeting if they could make up their own Nature Scavenger Hunt at their home. They have a lovely five acres of land, and I agreed to let them. The kids found everything very easily and then played ping pong, ball, and even some archery. It was a very good evening. Two of the trees had something on them called red lichens, or at least that is what everyone thought it was. I did not notice it until I downloaded the pictures, and it stood right out. I have not had time to research it yet, but I will. I will share what I find out. Us moms got to visit, which is always nice for us.

Technically we are on Spring Break this week and next. DJ did have to do a bit of Virtual School, but next week he is off completely. We have been doing a lot of Spring cleaning, and I am ready for Spring any day now. We had a mild winter, but I am not happy about twenties at night in March. I feel for all my Northern friends suffering through a March snow storm. It is so cruel this time of year.

I have tried to dye my hair red before, a strawberry blonde. It almost seemed to orange to me, and since I am blonde naturally as soon as I would go out in the sun it would go right back to blonde. Well, I decided to try an auburn color. Right now as I type this it is shocking to me. Hopefully in a few days I will love it. Everyone else seems to like it, but who knows if they are being honest, lol. I will share pics in a couple of days when it tones down a tad.

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