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Friday, May 10, 2013

Caitlin Turns 9

Yesterday, was Caitlin's 9th birthday. This year she opted to have a party with some of her friends. I don't do parties, well not usually, just not my thing. We usually go somewhere special. But, this year she wanted a party. We had it at the park, and it really was a nice time. I made the cake myself.  I did not do a test cake this year, like I usually do, so I am very thankful it came out awesome on the first try.  Since it was warm out I left the cake in the freezer until we left to decorate.  It thawed within the hour, and was moist and delicious. The weather was beautiful, a little warm at first, but it cooled off nicely. All the moms got to sit and chat, and the girls and DJ all had squirt gun fights and played on the playground. No bickering, just good fun. Caitlin was born on Mother's Day, so I always take this weekend off. I hope everyone has an amazing Mother's Day. This has been a super light week of school, with so many activities, and still two more birthday parties to go. Mostly just Math and Writing for Caitlin. We only have a few weeks left of school, so it will be basically this way until the end, since they have completed most of their curriculum.


betchai said...

belated happy birthday to Caitlin, glad your cake was good without having a test bake, it look so good. hope Caitlin enjoyed her party.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai!

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