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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Upcycled Terrariums and First Day of Age 9

Today is Caitlin's 9th birthday. That means we have been in Florida for exactly eight years. Can't believe it. Each year we take a picture of the kids on the first day of that year, or their birthday, and the last day of the previous year. This is just something fun we do. Caitlin chose to stand in front of my very huge yellow rose bush for her picture. I need to tie it back again, because it has gotten so big. It currently has no flowers, but it will. On Tuesday, we had our Earth Kids meeting. This time we made upcycled terrariums. The first picture is a butterfly terrarium I bought for Caitlin as a school project. It cost 20 dollars, and as you can see it is growing nicely. It waters itself, and the holes in the top should attract butterflies once the flowers bloom. The ones we did at Earth kids were made with recycled jars, that were upcycled into a terrarium. The total cost for all the supplies was 10 dollars, and there were seven kids. You can see which one is more affordable. Anyway the Tide pod container was the perfect container for this project. However, the Tide sticker was almost impossible to remove, and it scratched the container in the process. I upcycle jars all the time, and have removed upteen labels and the glue, with not much difficulty. If you decide to use this type of container, it will be very time consuming. DJ put a car in his, so the flowers will grow around the car, and some colorful rocks. Caitlin put a few stickers on hers and a kitty and puppy figurine inside, with some glass stones. I will take pictures as the plants begin to grow and bloom. As long as you leave the top on these are self watering systems. Their own little ecosystem if you will. I found a page you can print and use in your class to help teach the kiddos why making a terrarium is educational. Have fun, we did! Next meeting we are doing hummingbird and butterfly feeders that hang in the tree. We have tried other ones with little success, but this one I think will be awesome, and it is upcycled as well. So stay tuned for that.

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