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Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day of School

Today was our official last day of school, for this school year. Now I have to get their portfolios together. I will probably work on that on a rainy day. I love the sun, and sitting by the pool. I do not like the heat and humidity though. So, by one I am in the house hibernating until about eight. We are doing only Math now, and DJ does have a couple more History chapters to finish up. Nothing that takes long. I started doing flash cards with Caitlin, for addition and subtraction, this past week. She uses a number line and fingers, but I figured she should start memorizing them instead. She cried and whined liked she was going to die. It is going to be too hard, blah blah blah. She knew almost all of them. Granted she could be faster, and that will come with practice. Why does she do that? She did the same thing with Reading. Told me forever she couldn't do it, and then I caught her reading one night a chapter book to her doll. Little stinker! But, I still don't understand why she wants me to think she doesn't know stuff. Even though she is doing Math over the Summer, I am going to try to sneak in some spelling. Her spelling actually too is better than she leads me to believe. I think she is just a lazy student. That sounds awful, but the truth hurts sometimes. We just had our first Tropical Storm, and my plants were in Heaven. I think I don't water them enough, even though I water every day. With the exception of the roses, the veggies will have to just be soaked I guess. I have friends that planted the same time as me and have veggies already. I have had tomatoes, but that plant is two years old, and produced tomatoes all Winter. So, unless I am certain it is going to rain I will be dousing them with water every day. The bunny poo helps alot too. I am also doing 30 Days of Creativity for the month of June. If you would like to see what I have been creating, please visit my blog Melissas Jewelry and Gems. DJ has let his blog slide a bit, but not because he has not been writing. He did an online Language Arts course, and it was a lot of reading and writing. He got an A in that class. Now he has decided to write a book over the Summer. He writes about a chapter each night. He really is very good. I am going to see if he will publish it. Of course it will have to be proofread and edited before all that. I also am preparing for my sister to come for a week on the 12th, and getting ready for the next school year. I will be doing posts over the Summer about interesting facts you may not know. Some of them are like, Wow! Happy Summer!

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