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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Talented Cookie Company and Train Museum in High Springs

I love the little town of High Springs. We don't get there a ton of times, but that might have to change. Today, we visited the new Train Museum, with the Gainesville Homeschool Cooperative. Our first real trip with this group. The museum is small, and I only shared some of the images, because I don't have permission to add other kids to my blog, but it was a nice experience. They had tons of history, and told us that they will be opening up services to ride the trains again. How nice is that? They had a 1924 Fire Engine, you know the crank em to start em kind, that was neat, complete with the hand crank for the alarm as well. It was just a nice little place to visit. I won't give too much away, but I recommend it. It will only take about an hour or so out of your day.

The first two pictures, is where the group met, at the High Springs Sink Hole. It has been turned into quite a lovely little park with gazebo. My kids, and their friends, loved it.

The last picture is DJ drinking his hot chocolate at the Talented Cookie Company. A great place to stop by also. It was no nice and quiet, and the food was good too. The owner told me that on Friday, and Saturdays, she does a cupcake bar. I will definitely have to check that out with Caitlin. Oh, and they have an old, and working, movie theater, I really want to check that out too.

Be sure to read below about the Davey Crockett Springs. You can not visit it, but you can see it from the road. I will be looking for it the next time we go.

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