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Monday, March 31, 2014

Wisteria and Allergies

A few weeks back, we did a lot of yard work. I like to trim back the shrubs, and prune the over hang of the trees. If I don't do this, it grows all out of control and looks awful, plus it pushes on the fence so that it knocks it over. This is the side of the yard, we don't frequent often. This is where the beautiful Wisteria hangs into my yard, from the neighbor's yard. This means it is not mine to cut down, but I can cut the overhang. As beautiful as it is, I am severely allergic. As you can see we could not get all the overhang, and some remains. Actually I am not sure that even if it did not hang into my yard, if it would still trigger my allergies or not. It probably would. All the usual remedies do not seem to be working either, which is only making it worse.

Still, I plan on getting a whole week of schooling in. I thought Biofuels was done for DJ, but he has one last experiment this week, and then possibly next week. We still have Run Club, if I can, and DJ sprained his ankle on Sat, what a weekend. The flashcards are working amazing for Caitlin, and the money game too. We only played it twice, and I can already see improvement.

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