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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From Allergies to Migraines, but A Nice Quiet Homeschool Week

It seems like now I get a migraine right around the first of the month. So, know I am almost certain it is hormonal, and since I have no intentions of taking hormones, I will just have to deal with it. This month's was not as intense as the previous two months. Or, maybe because my allergies were making me feel so awful I just didn't notice, lol. I do feel better today, but still not great. We are supposed to do Run Club tomorrow, but I am not optimistic, since I am still wheezing just sitting still.

It has been a nice, quiet, homeschool week so far. I am very pleased with how much we got done. DJ has Biofuels tomorrow, so there won't be a whole lot of book work. I think I will have him fill my garden tires with dirt for me in the morning. Caitlin does have to do her Math paper tomorrow, and Easy Peasy day 105 or 106, can't remember, have it written down. The Abeka Math grade four, is proving challenging for her, but she is catching on nicely. I am actually very pleased. I plan on finishing the book through this year, and next. Abeka is a grade to a grade and a half ahead, so she won't be behind and I can better evaluate how I like it, and she likes it. I am still thinking of Life of Fred as well for her. She got a request for another letter, and she still has to do her I wonder assignment. DJ did his today.

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