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Monday, April 21, 2014

A New Way To Do Our Day?

Today, we tried a completely new routine.  I did it this way for a reason, but ended up like it a lot.  Normally, on a day when we have no outside plans, this is how the routine would go.

0830-0930  Breakfast and morning routine
0930-1030  Science class
1030-1130  History
1130- 1200 Language Arts
1200- 1300 Lunch and Recess
1300-1400  Math
1400-1500  Bible, Copywork, Spelling and Vocab, and anything not finished before hand.

Today we did it like this.

0830-0930  Breakfast and morning routine
0930-1030  Science Class
1030- 1130 History
1130-1230  Language Arts which includes Reading
1230-1330  Math
1330-1400  Bible, Spelling and Vocab and Copywork
1400 End of school day eat lunch now.

This worked amazingly well.  I am going to try to keep it this way. 

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