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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Caitlin and Time 4 Learning

I was offered a 30 day free trial, to Time 4 Learning.  I always wondered about it, so I am more than happy to try it.  Since we have just about one month left to school, Caitlin will be using it.  I will supplement her with my other stuff, if it is not enough to complete her day.  If I like it, and she likes it more importantly, I will use it next year for 5th grade.  My only concern starting out, is whether or not it is a complete curriculum.  If I have to supplement, then I am not so sure I will use it.  Stay tuned, to see my review, after 30 days.  If you use Time 4 Learning, leave me a comment of how you like it, or don't like it. 


Katie Shuler said...

Hi there! We've been using T4L for a little more than 7 years now. Sometimes it's been a complete/core, other times we've used it to fill in or supplement more interest led learning. Either way, it worked for us. My boys appreciate being able to log in and get started without having to wait on one another, or wait on me. I love the reporting...easiest thing about our homeschool, lol.

At the 5th grade level, we did use it *mostly* as a complete program. We supplemented with a lot of independent reading, and we used/still use SpellingCity for spelling and handwriting practice. But that was about it. Everything else was T4L.

I hope you enjoy your trial! Looking forward to checking back in with you to see what you guys thought. :)


Melissa said...

Thank you, Katie!

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