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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sickness In Our Homeschool and Mission US

Have you ever been completely fine, and then bam you are sicker than a dog?  This happened to me this week.  I don't typically get sick.  I suffer from Migraines, but that is just part of my normal life.  I think I actually had the Flu this week.  I have not had the Flu in probably 20 years.  We went out to dinner on Tuesday evening, and as we were leaving the restaurant I started to wheeze.  Odd, but I just blew it off.  I was able to go to Run Club on Wed morning, despite having tight breathing, I had no other symptoms.  By Thursday morning, I was completely done.  Thursday, and Friday, were completely days spent in a coma.  All I did was sleep.  Thank goodness my kids, and husband are able to function without me.  OK so the house was not clean, but I can live with that.  I isolated myself from everyone, so not to spread it.  My bedroom was the germ room, lol.  Yesterday, I felt so much better and was able to start the disinfection process.  Still congested today, but was able to do yard work, laundry, wash dishes, and so much more.  So, yes I am all better.  It is probably my fault I got sick.  Halloween weekend I had to work, and could not sleep well.  My coworkers came to work sick, I ate a lot of candy and did not sleep enough.  That is the perfect mixture for getting sick.  Eat right, sleep, and try to steer clear of those who are sick, and good hand washing, will help keep you from getting sick.  We opted to stay home from church today just to be safe.  The boys are going to NY, on vacation, in a few weeks, and they don't need to be sick and in bed for such an expensive trip.

I had been trying to find the American History game, Mission US, but I could not remember the name of it.  I had it saved to my Pinterest board, Eclectic Homeschool, and finally found it yesterday.  My son, will definitely be playing this online game, as part of his American History studies.  They will be adding a new chapter in 2015, so that is exciting news too. 

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