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Friday, September 18, 2015

Disappointed in Science Curriculum

It just is not what I thought it was, a full year curriculum, that was being offered to free to the first certain number of people who signed up.  Guess what, it was three lessons for free, and I advertised a lot for this curriculum.  Oh well, live and learn, should have asked more questions, should have investigated more.  Bleh!

So, instead Caitlin and I will be doing Geography and Geology for 6th grade Science.  She needs to work on map skills, and Geography in general, and we all love rocks in this house.  So, this will work out just fine.  Here are some of the links to websites we will be using.  We actually have a rock tumbler, and some rough.  So, as soon as I remember to buy some grit we can polish some gemstones.

I also have a world History book, but I will be using it for the awesome world maps in this book.  I love maps, especially old maps.  I think we will do some map crafts, and sell some in my Etsy store.

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