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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First Two Biology Labs

I decided to start a Biology course as well, to take the CLEP, along with the Algebra.  I already got through part 1, and took the test.  DJ, for High School, and myself for nursing prereqs require a lab for Biology.  Since I am doing it online, and taking the CLEP, and DJ is taking it online, I am following the labs that go with my course.  The first two labs are to draw and label a microscope, and to draw and label basic equipment found in a lab.  So, we will get to those, and share them here when done.  I am hoping doing it this way will be acceptable, but lets face it I may have to take a lab class, at an actual college.  

We are sort of on a short vacation, because we have family coming to visit from out of state.  DJ will continue to work on his two FLVS classes, though. 

Here are links to draw the microscope, and the basic lab equipment.

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