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Saturday, January 9, 2016

County Events and Three Sisters for Gardening

Our 4H County Events, is coming up at the end of this month.  This year we have a new 4H director, so it will be interesting to see how she sets it up.  County Events is where the kids get to showcase their talents, and skills.  Since 4H is not just for Agriculture anymore, it opens up 4H to a whole new world to children who have no place to do Agriculture.  We have used 4H project books, as part of our homeschool curriculum, in years past.  We don't have time to fit them in anymore, they are really in depth.  We do a project book with our group each year, so we still get to do them.  Caitlin will be doing Fashion Revue again.  This year she is going to embellish a piece of clothing.  I will share the results when they are finished.  Hopefully she will go to Districts, and then she can save the item for the N Florida fair entry as well.  DJ will be doing a demonstration, and Share the Fun.  Share the Fun, is where they get to showcase various talents.  He will be singing and playing the guitar, this year. 

We studied Native Americans, a few years back, but we were watching a National Geographic special on the Pilgrims and Native Americans.  They mentioned the 3 Sisters planting method that the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims.  I actually do not recall ever hearing that term before, so I looked it up.  The 3 Sisters is planting corn, beans and squash all together.  You actually plant the corn first, and when it is about 4-6 inches tall, you plant the other two right in the same basic spot.  The beans will grow up the corn stalk, and the squash will shade the roots of all the plants keeping the soil moist.  Brilliant!  So, even though it has been a mild winter here in FL, Caitlin and I will be testing this 3 Sisters method come say end of March.  We have been learning gardening for years, and we get a little bit better each year.  I wouldn't say we are good at it yet, lol.  I do well with flowers, and my tomatoes and peppers were awesome last year.  Anything else I have tried has been pretty much a flop.  There are two websites below that will talk about this method of planting.  The one adds a fourth, the Sunflower.  My little sunflowers do quite well, and the pollinators love them.  So, I would say they are very beneficial, and mine come back each year with no replanting.

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