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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

We are still on Christmas Break.  Our first day back to homeschooling, will be Jan 6th.  I need to start blogging more, because it looks like all I am blogging about is time off, and changes I want to make, lol.  I used to blog, on this blog, at least three times a week.  What happened?  Not sure, but I think as they get older, there just isn't as much stuff to share.  They don't like their pictures taken anymore, unless they take it of themselves, or their friends do.  Good grief! 

I will be making some changes in my daughter's Math curriculum.  I had mentioned previously we used Life of Fred last year, and she pretty much loved it.  However, this year we didn't have time to squeeze it in, and I feel it is a good curriculum, but not where I want her to be, so I didn't use it.  I also mentioned, since my mom's car accident, almost one year ago now, I thought it was best if I started incorporating Common Core into our curriculum, in case I ever had to return to work full time.  For my daughter, Math and Writing, would be her biggest issues as far as Common Core goes.  Her writing has improved immensely, and I am not so worried about that one, but her Math still needs much work.  We have been using CK12, and though that is going fine for most of the Math lessons, some of their lessons just are not clicking with her.  They don't seem to explain it well enough, or on a child's level of understanding.  So, I will be moving off of CK12, only for her Math, the Biology for my son is excellent, and going to Homeschool Math, Teachnology, and OpenEd.  With these three resources I am sure I can find what I need to get her where I want her to be.  I still say that on all online format, for learning, is not the way to go.  For some subjects it is fine, but not for all.  Both of mine struggle with an all online Math curriculum.  If none of these options prove successful, I will move to Math U See. 

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