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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Caitlin's Homeschool Portfolio for the 2015/2016 School Year Grade 6

This is Caitlin's homeschool portfolio for the 6th grade.  Due to a family accident last year, Caitlin got somewhat behind on Math.  I started her off at the beginning of the year with grade 3 Math.  In Feb she took a placement test and was placed in 5th grade Math.  She is almost completed with grade 5 Math, as of the end of June.  She will begin grade 6 Math in the beginning of July.  Her writing has also improved immensely, compared to last year.  I did not issue final grades for Caitlin, but instead will give reviews of curriculum used, and her progress as I see it.  She has focused a lot on Math and Writing this year, and is currently writing a book of her own on Watt Pad.  Part of  the agreement to use it, was that she had to do her own editing, and then I read the final result. 

Reading List:  The Yearling with book report.
Percy Jackson book 1 with book report.
Warrior Cats 6 book series, some with book reports
Warrior Cats series #3 6 book series, started

Math:  Caitlin has made great progress with Math.  She started out as 3rd grade level, that was with Common Core test, she was given a placement test on Prodigy Math, at the end of the school year, and has moved up to 5th grade level.  She is actually on schedule for grade 7 and has already started her Saxon 7/6 school book for the 2016/2017 school year. We used CK12, workbooks, and Prodigy Math for her Math choices this year.   I am super pleased with the progress she has made, and the hard work she has done.

Language Arts:  Michael Clay Thompson series.  I loved this series, and she showed great progress with it.  I wish it wasn't so expensive.  The only book we did not use, was Poetry, she just couldn't get into it.  Though we did do some funny poetry topics, which she did enjoy.  I will have writing samples with us for our face to face visit.

History:  The West.  Caitlin read the book, Westward Ho, and we did some of the fun activities, like horse paintings, some writing assignments, we made a wagon cake, etc.  Click the link to view the book.  We also watched Frontier House on Youtube.  It is a PBS series, that sadly only had one season.  We immensely enjoyed this show, and a lot of conversations about how hard life was back then.    I think Caitlin definitely enjoyed The West, as did I. 

Science:  Earth Science.  Caitlin used various reading info books, videos, etc to learn about Earth Science.  For testing purposes, at the end of the year, she used a free app called Itooch grade 6 Science.  She ended up with an A average, after completing the tests.  This was actually a quite nice app.  They could study the info if needed, then take a little test.  I loved it, saved me a lot of grading time.

Writing:  See Language Arts, plus Caitlin was given writing assignments on her blog.  You can view her final exam, for Writing, and some of her other Writing assignments, for grade 6, by visiting

Spanish:  Caitlin used the free app Learn Spanish 6.000 words, and did quite well.  Spanish is more of a fun class, and intro to another language.  She will do it again in grade 7, as she loved it so much.  She was not graded for this class. 

Caitlin continued with 4H through out the year, and was in one competition, and two fairs.  She received blue ribbons for her efforts, and a couple of second place.  She continues to learn about rabbit care, and cares for her rabbit pretty much on her own. 

She also continues with church, and activities there.  She was in the Kiwis singing group, and did a Christmas concert where she had a speaking role.  Though she was frightened she did it. 

She started Gymnastics in Jan of 2016.  This has been very good for her, and we still continue our weekly walks with homeschool friends, plus field trips as allowed. 

It has been a very good school year for Caitlin.

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