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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DJ's Homeschool Portfolio for 2015/2016 School Year Grade 10

This is DJ's portfolio for the 2015/2016 school year.  He completed grade 10 this school year.

FLVS Driving:  1/2 credit  final grade: 92 (A)   DJ got his learners permit on 7/5/16, and has been practicing driving with his parents.

History:  Civics and US Govt:  1/2 credit for each final grade: 76 (C)  DJ used the book, The Everything American Government Book, for our main reading purposes.  But, the bulk of our learning for these two courses came from, and following the presidential elections for this year.  We watched, and discussed debates, the process, the pros and cons of each candidate, the system as it is with pros and cons, etc.  At the end of the year, DJ took a US Govt and Civics exam, that all people who want to become citizens take.  That is where his final grade came from.  Due to the fact that he also did writing assignment, and discussion topics, I am adding 10 points to his final grade, ending with an 86 (B) for his transcript.  You can read his final exam, the written part, on his blog, Through the Eyes of DJ, plus my critique and comments. 

Math:  Business Math:  1 credit final grade: 76 (C). DJ used Alpha Omega Lifepac for this course, and while he didn't complete all 10 books, I don't think that is unusual.  He did not enjoy the Lifepac format, at all, though I can't say he really enjoys math.  He put in enough hours to get a full credit, and he did do two Math curriculums this year. 

Math Algebra 1:  This was a continuation of his Math U See Algebra 1 book, from 9th grade.  I really wanted him to try hard to complete it.  With two math courses it was a real challenge.    final grade: 76 (C)  DJ took the PSAT, practice test online, on August 10, 2016, and got a score of 78 for the Math section.  While we realize this still needs improving, I am happy he is passing it, and not struggling as much.  We will continue to improve  his Math grade as we move forward.  His Geometry book, for grade 11, has Algebra review, so that will help.  DJ will be taking the full SAT, at the completion of 11th grade. 

FLVS Intro to Digital Design:  1 full credit final grade: 81, 84 (B).  This was a required course, on FLVS, to take any further computer programming classes.  DJ is taking an Honors computer class for the 11th grade.  While DJ still maintains that Marine Biology is his career choice, he understands that working while in college will be necessary, and the best option pay wise might be computers.  Plus, computers are the wave of the future. 

Biology:  CK12 plus hands on labs 1 credit final grade:  100 (A+)   We used CK12, for Biology, and you can see why this is the future for DJ.  He excels hands down.  He probably ended up with over 100 for an average, with the extra questions on each test.  Plus with the labs.  We did some hands on labs, I will bring some samples, as it is a pain to scan and upload them all.  Plus DJ participated in the 4H Marine Ecology event last year, still part of this school year,  and he had to identify plants, and animals.  I am counting that as labs as well.

Language Arts:  DJ did not do a formal program this year, but concentrated on writing.  1 full credit final grade per PSAT on August 11, 2016:  86 (B), I am adding five points to this as DJ wrote one complete book, and started a second.  So, his final grade will be 91(A) for his transcript. DJ's first book, a fan fiction, based on the video game series, Monster Hunter is saved to his email.  If you would like to read it, he will provide that for you.  That was done on NanoWrimo, a yearly writing contest for teens.  He will be doing it again next school year, with his second fan fiction.  His second book was began, using Litlift.  He has since gotten writer's block, and has set it aside for now.

Reading:  DJ got a score of 78 on the Reading section of the PSAT practice test, on August 11, 2016.  He is a proficient reader, so this concerns me a little.  However, he is not a speed reader, and I think that might be part of it.  We will be working on this to increase his grade for the Reading section.   One technique we will be doing for grade 11, is reading and listening, aloud.  He will read a chapter, and then I will read a chapter.  I am going to try and see if I can add time limits if it doesn't mess with his comprehension.  

DJ did  27 volunteer hours with Camp Kerusso,  was active in 4H, and the Teen Praise Band at church.  He is the lead singer and co-leader of the band.  The band has played at local nursing homes, as well as different special church events.  DJ went to Crossroads Camp again this year.  He also has done probably 20 hours volunteer time with Tri County Outreach, I just have to get the form signed and verified.  He really wants to do more volunteering, and get a job, we will see, since he will have homework and study requirements for grade 11.

Music:  This is an afterthought, but DJ has been doing the 4H Guitar Club, for two, and a half years.  Unfortunately it will not be continuing this next school year, due to not enough interest.  However, he did 2 hours every week for two full school years, so I am giving him 1 full music credit.  I will be having him do a video that shows his progress, and load it to  his blog.

I think that completes DJ's portfolio.  If I think of anything else, I will add it later. 


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