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Monday, December 2, 2019

End of First Quarter Grade 10 Caitlin

The Friday before Thanksgiving was our last day of the first quarter.  Overall I am impressed with the progress Caitlin has made so far.  She passed her big Science test with 70%, which doesn't sound real great, but she had to take notes and study something she has never really had to do before.  I am very pleased with that grade and will just build on better skills.  She has completed 35% of the Algebra 1 A on Aleks, with the goal of being done with it by the end of January so she can move onto Algebra 1B.  We are picking up the number of hours for Math and Language Arts from 3 hours to 5 hours.  All the other classes will stay at 3 hours.  She will begin FLVS in probably February, or March for her Driving Classes, so she can get her permit in May. Our last day before Christmas Break will be December 19th.  We take an extended Christmas break because we need it. 

I will be unable to post for Fitness Friday this week, as we have shopping and wrapping to do.  But, I have started a Plank Challenge on my Health Buddy Melissa blog.  Join in with the kids if you would like to get some easy fitness this month.

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