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Friday, April 18, 2008

Does the County check up on me?

Not usually, but they can request to if they wish. They have to give you 14 days written notice, they cant just show up on your door, and demand to see your school work. You must of course submit a yearly evaluation to the school district, as posted in a previous discussion. Here is the complete law for Florida, pertaining to this topic:

It is *possible* for the county to ask to see your portfolio. They have to give you 15 days' written notice. And this would generally require someone (not necessarily the parent) to bring the needed paperwork to a school district office. While the county can randomly ask to see a portfolio, school officials are usually too busy to bother. They are more likely to do this if the child was in a school and was reported truant previously, or if someone else is pushing them to check (such as sometimes happens in divorce or custody cases).

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