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Monday, April 7, 2008

What age do children have to be schooled?

In case you were wondering. In the state of Florida, a child does not have to be officially schooled until age 6. So if you are choosing to homeschool, you dont have to start until they are age 6, by Feb 1st of that year. Here is the official law pertinent to this topic:
If a child is between 6 and 16 years of age, he is legally required to be in a school of some sort. If a child will turn six by Feb. 1st of a given school year, he is required to be in school at the beginning of that school year.This means, that if your child is under five years old, you are NOT legally required to have him in school yet. If your child is five (and will NOT turn six until AFTER February 1st of this school year), he is not required to be in school yet this school year. If a child is five but will turn six BEFORE Feb. 1st of this school year, then he MUST be in school this school year (or you must send in a letter to the school superintendent indicating that you are homeschooling him).(Note that this means that a child who *could* enter public school kindergarten may not legally *have* to be in school. Homeschooling is based on the child's age, not his "grade level.")

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