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Friday, April 26, 2013

Devil's Mill Hopper Field Trip

On Wednesday we went on a field trip to Devil's Mill Hopper State Park. What a beautiful place, peaceful and quiet. The main attraction of this particular park is the 120 foot sink hole that you can walk down, and of course back out. There are stairs, thank goodness. There was a small waterfall, that when it rains is engorged with water. There were not hardly any bugs, and the weather was just splendid. Be sure to read the sign below that explains the strange name of this park. I will be posting some info on sinkholes in the future, and DJ will be doing his 4H presentation next year on sinkholes. Now that we have about six weeks of school left, I start to prepare to make our portfolios and end of year testing. I am considering buying an online standardized test for DJ this year, and I have not yet decided for Caitlin yet. DJ is having a horrible time understanding some of this new math. I must admit it is rather confusing, and I was very good with Math in school, always an A student. Anyway, since he has completed most of his other lessons, Math will be our major focus over the next six weeks, and over the summer. The last thing I want to get behind on is Math. I have not decided if I will test Caitlin this year, but right now I am leaning towards no. I did do a Reading assessment for her today, and she is well above third grade level. I am sure her Math would be at level, but her writing would be way below. So, yes you guessed it, she will be working on Writing a lot the next six weeks and over the Summer. Do your kids have week areas in school? Do you try to be aggressive to help them learn it better? Oh, by the way, the stairs on the way up were brutal.  It is equivalent to about six flights of stairs, or so.  My heart can handle it, but my poor muscles were screaming.  Even though I have been exercising regularly, my legs are still way weaker than I want them to be.  I blame this on the fact, I have mentioned this before, that I am pretty sure I have MS.  I was proud of myself for even attempting it, and very relieved I didn't just fall down and not go further. 

1 comment:

Janet Sedano said...

I came across your blog as I was researching animal lessons. I lingered because I noticed you also live in Florida, as do I. I've never heard of this park. We live near Fort Lauderdale, but we have friends that live near Gainesville. Next time we're out that way, we really need to visit this park. I'm going to make a note of it...and be ready to climb those stairs. :)
And to share about our weaknesses, my older kids are doing Algebra 2 now, and it's beyond what I can teach them. I've got an excellent tutor that helps us in that area. She's a God-send! She charges by the hour, even if it's 4 students. So we got together with a couple of other friends and it's made it so affordable for us. As for writing, we're signing our daughter up for Time4Writing this summer. It's a one on one course taught online by certified teachers.
Well, thanks for sharing about that park. It really caught my interest!

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