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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter, Archery Tournament and Spring

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Is it finally getting Spring like wherever you are? Dec, Jan and Feb were quite warm, even had to use the air conditioner over the Winter months. So strange! But March was freezing most of the month. Now it is April and I am hoping for warmer temps. Caitlin got a Hyacinth plant for Easter. It has the sweetest smell. Caitlin also did most of the egg decorating herself this year. We hard boiled the eggs and set up all the dye stuff, then she just went at it with supervision of course. You can see her work below. Don't mind my art table. Speaking of Art I am painting later today, and will be working on Mother's Day gifts. It will be here before you know it. On Saturday, DJ and Craig had their end of beginner class Archery Tournament. I have to say it was kind of boring for me and Caitlin. They both did awesome though and want to move on to the intermediate classes. They won't be able to take them together, and that might pose a problem for transportation. I am hoping to find a 4H Archery Group local to us, and that would help a lot. They took their beginner class at Easton Newberry Sport Complex, in Newberry. We have a very busy this week, including Earth Kids tomorrow, and a Bee Farm field trip on Thursday. We have been in a rainy pattern, so we will see about both of those. Have a great week! I will share the Nature Scavenger Hunt DJ put together, this week.


Small Town Mommy said...

i hope Caitlin had fun dyeing the eggs. They came out beautifully.

Melissa said...

She sure did! She is the only one that really likes to do them anymore, besides me, lol!

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