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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adventure Island Last Trip

Since the four of us could not decide on one movie to see, we decided to head to Adventure Island. We have season passes to Bush Gardens, which includes their water park. We went once in June, when my sister was here visiting. Today, there were like 50 people in the whole park, and it was awesome. No waiting in long lines. They rode the rides several times in the three hours we were there. Trust me if you have ever been to a big park you know the wait time is absurd. This will be our last trip to the water park, for this year, but plan on Bush Gardens in the Fall. We had a wonderful day!


betchai said...

wow, just 50 people in the whole park? you are lucky, I believe that very seldom happens, I love situations like that too, it feels like I have the park all to myself :)

Melissa said...

It was so nice. Like renting the whole park for a day at regular admission price.

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