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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wilderness Survival School

We have two weeks of Summer Vacation left. Public school begins school tomorrow, but we don't start back until the day after Labor Day. Since I am constantly searching for new and interesting websites, that will help us achieve our goals, I found Wilderness Survival School. I was not technically looking for that subject, but was searching for Earth Kids stuff. This Wilderness Survival School website is awesome! You can sign up for a free ecourse, which of course I did. The kids will be doing the first ecourse together, as a part of their Science school work. If your kids love nature, or you just want to get them involved in nature more, then check out Wilderness Survival School.


betchai said...

we don't start until the the day after labor day too, however, teachers are required to report a week before.

Melissa said...

Enjoy the end of your Summer, Betchai!

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