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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Strange and Unusual School Week

I am so glad homeschooling is flexible. Monday through Wednesday, was completely normal school days. Then Thursday happened, lol. Thursday and Friday could definitely be classified as unschooling, with no textbook work at all. Today, I am back on track with doing all the things I normally do.

Yesterday, Caitlin and I did get to do some pumpkin decorating. We do not carve our pumpkins anymore. They literally last until Summer if we do not cut them. This year we bought smaller pumpkins so we could put them on the dining room table. I had some extra blue spray paint, from my tire garden, so we spray painted them blue. Much easier than using acrylics and a brush. Caitlin chose to put cute stickers on hers. I have to show her how to Modge Podge them, so the stay on better. I used an old doilie to create the design on mine. I have never tried this before. Keep your can moving, and spray lightly. Otherwise you get a lot of paint but no design. I got better at it as I went. I might get one more pumpkin and try it again, lol. We did find some Magnolia seeds, and got them soaking in water, for one of Caitlin's Science experiments. That is all we accomplished for school, on Thursday and Friday. A friend of ours lent us the game Rummy Roots. We were supposed to try it yesterday, that did not happen. We will play it Monday, and if we like it, I will buy it.

How was your homeschool week?

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