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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Draw What You See Microscope Fun

When I bought the Apologia Marine Biology books, I didn't realize they had slides for the labs. I bought a dissection kit, and a microscope. The microscope came with some slides, but not Diatoms or Unicellular organisms. So, I had to improvise for this weeks lab. First we took some water from our pool, that has had no chemicals put in it since the beginning of September. There is no algae in the pool, so we found no organisms. We will try that again, when the algae starts to grow. So, I found a website that shared images of unicellular organisms under a microscope and had DJ draw them. We also put a broccoli slice under the microscope. The kids kind of saw the both things. I saw more lighter striations than them, but you get the idea. The edge of the broccoli, where I had cut it with scissors was glittery looking and beautiful. Neither of the kids drew that. So, I has to remind them to draw exactly what you see, all the details. This week, the kids did not get in their perspective Art lesson. I have done it twice, and will share all of them when the kids finish theirs. DJ is learning the flute and will start guitar lessons soon. So, those are taking up his Art time.

We had a very good week of lessons, and fun. I am ready for the new week to start.

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