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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Math U See and Core Algebra 1 Online

Some of you may have remembered that I bought Algebra 1 Math U See, with instructional video, even before we started Summer Vacation.  We watched parts of the video over the Summer.  While DJ is doing OK, he is still frustrated and not where he wants to be with Math.  The workbook is difficult.    It only has 15-20 questions per lesson, and they are long and hard.  There is not enough room to work out each problem, and not enough problems.  These are DJ's observations.  I believe I can print off more worksheets for each lesson, on their website.  But, for the price I paid for the books I don't think I should have to use my own ink to do that.  He also has not bonded with the instructor on the dvd.  I know that sounds stupid, but he does not care for the way he teaches, especially since he uses a lot of manipulatives, which is just confusing.  So, we are not giving up on Math U See.  I like it a lot.  I like the instructor, minus the manipulatives, and find the teacher textbook very helpful.  But, I myself have been using Core Algebra 1 to teach myself, and relearn topics I forgot.  Two days ago, I let DJ try it.  He does like this very much.  He likes the instructor, who is quite a bit younger than the Math U See gentleman.  He likes the online tests.  They get progressively harder, but he watches the video each time.  So after five tests he has watched the video 5 times.  So, he will do the Core Algebra 1, online lessons, then do the Math U See harder lesson after he has hopefully mastered it.

Caitlin is progressing nicely with her Saxon 54.  The only concern I have is that she needs to do more multiplication, and has not started division concepts yet.  I think I will be looking for something to supplement those for her. 

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