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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Annual 4H Bakeoff and Christmas Party

Last night was our annual 4H Bakeoff and Christmas Party. I think our county is the only one that does the bakeoff. The kids bake an item, or there are other categories too but most kids make a baked item. The most coveted prize is the Golden Spoon for each category. I think this is the fourth year the bakeoff has been done. DJ won a blue ribbon, and the Golden Spoon for his mint chocolate brownies, made from scratch. This is a modge podge recipe, put together by me, due to the fact I don't care for any of the ones I could find. I saved the recipe, so we could make it again. Caitlin made the kitty cake shown above.  We were somewhat unprepared to make this properly, due to a family emergency that ate up a lot of time.  She did get a blue ribbon, but still has not won a Golden Spoon.  Then the kids in the Guitar Club play Christmas songs, and then games for all the kids.  All in all a good time, and the kids love it!

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