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Friday, December 5, 2014

How To Paint A Christmas Tree and Some Homeschool Books Listed on Ebay

I love books, especially homeschool books. If you are a long time homeschooler than you probably have 8 thousand books that you are probably never going to use. I buy them because I think I will use them, or they are kindly given to me when others don't want them anymore. I accumulate them, until I have nowhere else to put them. Then I have to start decluttering. I have listed several homeschool books in my Ebay store. They are not auction format, so plenty of time to get in on them. I will be listing Magic Tree House Books, soon, hopefully tomorrow. Both my kids have read them, and loved them, but are both too old for them now.

I thought I would share some Christmas art videos. I love the one below, it is in three short parts, but I can't wait to try it. Do it with your kids, and hang them up every year. We still have to do our faces art lesson. Can you tell I am trying to avoid that one? LOL! Hopefully we will get to it this week.

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