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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kirby Farms Christmas Express Train

Merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas has been awesome, and full of blessings. On the 23rd we took a trip to the Kirby Farms Christmas Express train ride. Thank goodness the thunderstorms held off until after we had left. It was close, though. We bought our tickets online, and since they do not offer refunds, this is probably not something I would do again. The train is actually quite large, and I would say could seat at least 100 people. So, even if you had to stand in line it wouldn't be too bad. The train runs in 30 minute increments. It was nice, and warm, so the ride was very pleasant. You ride through the light display on the train. There are other activities, they cost extra, but we didn't stay for any of those. Everyone was so very tired from all the other holiday activities, and my husband was not feeling well. It is 10 dollars per person to ride the train. If you are interested, they run through New Years. All proceeds go to the running of the farm which eventually will be a learning farm for needy children. They have a website, and they are located in Bronson, FL. A super fun way to see the lights, and ride a train.

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