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Thursday, May 7, 2015

6th Grade Science Curriculum Finally Decided

So, I finally decided what I will be doing for my 6th grader next year, for Science.  I have previously posted Social Studies.  I will be using Ambleside Online, which is a Charlotte Mason inspired type of learning.  I love this for homeschool Science, especially in the younger grades.  I also have collected a whole bunch of Science unit studies, over the years, both printable and hard copy.  I will be using those as well.  Some of them she has started this year, because she finished up her Rainforest curriculum.  I also have two Science textbooks, that I don't completely like, but I can pick and choose from them what I want her to do.  She does experiments, now, with her older brother.  At least ones that are appropriate for her age.  I will layout the other subjects, and my choices, when I make a final decision.  I think the only one left, that is final is Math which will be Life of Fred, and ck12 elementary math.  That really only leaves Language Arts.  I also would really like to her to pick up on an Art that she loves.  She draws quite well, but has slowed down interest due to not wanting to draw things she doesn't want to draw.  So, I might just try and find a curriculum that just lets her draw what she is interested in drawing.  My son has taken to music quite nicely, but my daughter shows no real interest.  She loves to do nails, and interior design type stuff.  Maybe I can somehow foster that love.  She is only 10, lol.

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