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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We are Loving Grammar Island

I mentioned in a previous post that a homeschool friend of ours was letting us borrow, Grammar Island, by Michael Clay Thompson. I have to tell you, I love it, and my daughter begrudgingly likes it. My 10th grader, was listening to us do it one day, when he said that may be the cutest and dumbest thing all rolled in one. LOL! It is a little silly, which is why my daughter likes it. To make it even more fun, instead of writing out the sentence work, we are using her brand new chalkboard door that we painted for her birthday. It is nice for those dreaded multiplication tables too. Why did I not think of chalkboard paint before? Anyway, we are only on the first level, and we will work on it all Summer, then purchase the next level for next year. We are moving through it pretty quickly as some of it is review, really. This is a curriculum you really should be willing to do with your child. I read the assignment to her, and then I have her read it back to me, and we discuss. Nice set, well worth the look.

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