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Friday, November 27, 2015

End of First Quarter Report Cards and Changes

We have finished our first quarter of school.  Man, that went by fast.  No major changes, just a little bit, and only because we need to move on.  Caitlin is studying some Earth Science, and Geography.  The Geography is part of her going west curriculum.  She has been watching supplemental videos for Geography, and I am ready to move her on to some more substantial lessons for this topic.  Also, for Science she has been doing videos and reading, but it is time to move on.  She will be using, the Glencoe website for both Geography topics, and Earth Science.  I also have a lab book for Earth Science, that I think both kids will do together will see time wise.  Her writing has improved immensely, but she is still not where I think she should be.  She has a B+ in Math, so that is awesome.  Though technically she would be considered behind, because we are using Common Core standards, she really is right where I want her to be.  A few things we decided to last, but she is moving fast enough to be able to go on to the next grade hopefully by the end of the second quarter.  I am over all very, very pleased with her progress.  She also has been singing with the little youth choir at church, and of course continues with 4H. 

DJ, will have no changes, as he is doing quite well both in progress, and management of his day.  I am quite impressed with his maturity this year in handling everything on his plate.  He finished up Digital Design 1, early, so won't have to start Digital Design 2, until after Christmas.  Marine Ecology has ended until January, and Driving will be over soon.  So, his schedule is a bit lighter than it was at the start of the school  year.  He has a 100 in Biology so far, definitely his thing, lol.  I have not graded his Math, yet, but I am very proud that he has been working his way through it, using various resources to find the help he needs.  That is awesome!  He continues with biweekly guitar lessons with 4H, playing in youth praise band at church, and he volunteers every two weeks with Camp Kerusso, which has been a wonderful experience so far for him. 

We start back to lessons Monday, after a short and much needed break.  Plus, Dad is off these days, and he is disruptive to school, lol. 

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