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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Fun!

This is the first year that neither of my kids were young enough to Trick or Treat. Yes, that is a rule of mine, and most people don't agree, but hey I am not one to care much. So, this year we planned on handing out candy to all the little munchkins. We had a ball getting ready, carving and painting pumpkins, messing with props, and just having fun.

It was an interesting evening. It was quite warm, and the mosquitoes came out right after dark. They were biting like crazy. I couldn't find any bug spray, but I had read the mouthwash works. So, in the house I went to apply mouthwash. I took some out for the kids, and as I was applying it to DJ, a huge frog, ok huge to me, jumped off the roof onto my chest, and partially on my face. Needless to say we all had a good laugh, and the mouthwash ended up in my hair, and the frog, well he got a free ride to the other side of the yard. There were lots of little cuties, but I do know that I do not need as much candy as I bought. Will keep that in mind for next year. How was your Halloween? Got any funny stories? Share them here.

Caitlin, and I have a few projects for her History class, that hopefully we will be getting to soon. She is studying the fur trade right now, and needs to make a journal from the Lewis and Clark chapter. This week for Science, she will be starting some country research, and then closer to Thanksgiving, a Christmas Around the World series. She is writing at least three days a week, so some of these lessons could end up on her blog. She is currently doing letter topics, for writing. We are enjoying, The Yearling. Our first quarter ends the week of Thanksgiving, so I still have time before I have to stress about catching up on grading, lol.

DJ continues with all his studies, and is progressing quite nicely. Guitar, Marine Ecology, and Youth Band are going awesome, plus our regular 4H group. He volunteered twice this month at Camp Kerusso, and that has been such a blessing for him, and them.

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