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Sunday, November 8, 2015

State of Florida Marine Ecology Event and Competition

Yesterday, we took a trip to Kissimmee, for our first time at the Florida Marine Ecology Event. We are in Gilchrist County, and I believe this is the third year our county has attended. It was our first year on the team. Since DJ, always, and still says he is going to be a Marine Biologist, this was perfect for him. Our team won 3 photography awards, but none of the other awards. However, I got a ton of information, and what a wonderful learning experience. It was a very long day, because the event is almost 3 hours away from where we live. But, so worth it. After the kids had finished the contest, we went to lunch, and then you could come back and see the specimens with the answers. You could take pictures of the ones you got wrong, to study for next year. These are a few of the ones DJ missed. He figures he missed about 8 all together, out of he thinks 75 specimens. We won't know for sure until they return the answer sheets to the leaders. Even with that few missed, there were those who got less incorrect. These kids are serious, lol. We look forward to doing this again next year. Below are some links I want to save for future reference. Please feel free to browse through them, and use as you wish. If you live in Gilchrist County, and would love to join the Marine Ecology team, you can message me and I will hook you up with the leader.


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