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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

High School Biology Labs and Covered Wagon Cake for American West History Project

Our Fun Fridays, when we do Biology Labs, and other fun but educational things, have been a little messed up. Plus, next week my hubby took vacation time, so we won't be doing any school. Anyway, I am still working on 3rd quarter evals, and I have tons of useful websites to share, but lacking time yet again, it will have to be posted later. Below you will find a set of videos with Biology labs. Here in FL, you not only have to do book work, when you homeschool Biology, but also labs. Sometimes this can be time consuming, and not user friendly. Next time, I will share the website that has Biology labs with interactive simulations. We have already done a ton, but still many to cover. I think tomorrow, we will do some microscope work, since we walk on Wednesdays, then have a lighter school day. I also have some updates for Math, as well.

My daughter turns 12 next week, yikes! Since it is also Mother's Day this weekend, we decided on two cakes. The first cake, we will be making tomorrow, and yes there will be pics. It will be for her West history activities, and will be a horse drawn covered wagon. I will not give details now, but be sure to check back tomorrow. I will try very hard to have it posted tomorrow. The second cake will be store bought, I am sure, and for Mother's Day, and her birthday, as we will be going to see my mom for Mother's Day, on her actual birthday.

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