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Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Review For Prodigy Math Game

As we round out our school year, I have been planning for next year, already.  I already got Chemistry purchased, and I am looking at getting Alpha/Omega for my daughter.  I have heard mixed reviews for their Lifepac series, but my son has been doing their Consumer Math, for this year, and we had no issues.  I am probably getting her a grade ahead then where she will be.  So, I won't have to worry about her, plus I can always supplement if it isn't enough.  I am not sure I will use their Math, because she is really enjoying Prodigy Math, and I will be using Saxon 7/6 with her.  This will free up a lot of computer time that the kids are currently monopolizing for school, and allow me to get some much needed computer stuff done.  My son was going to do 3 classes on FLVS, but because of the reason I just stated, and the fact that I found some much forgotten high school text books, he will only be doing 1 class on FLVS.  His reading music lessons will also be online.  So, I really still just need a Chemistry kit, and Saxon Geometry, and we are all set for next year.  I hope, lol

I am doing a short review for Prodigy Math.  This is not a paid, or sponsored review, just a website we enjoy and I want to share it with my readers.  Prodigy Math is free.  There is a paid membership, 5 dollars a month, but we currently use the free version.  If my daughter decides she will do it every day, for an hour, over Summer, I will let her get a membership.  Below are my likes and dislikes about Prodigy Math,

1.  It is grade K-8, so it meets a lot of levels.
2.  My daughter actually enjoys it.
3.  I get to choose the topics, number of questions, and time frame for her to practice.
4.  They offer a free placement test.
5.  You can use Common Core, or choose not to.
6.  It is free, and lets face it 5 dollars per month is not that bad either.
7.  You can play unlimited, even free accounts.
8.  It gives me accurate reports for each student.  Currently both my kids are signed up as students, but only my daughter uses it.

1.  Prodigy Math does not actually teach your student.  So, it is not a complete Math program for me.  I still have to teach her things she doesn't know.  I am not complaining, but it would be awesome if they offered lessons.
2.  This is not Prodigy's fault, so not really a dislike just for them, but for all computer based learning, and that is sometimes directions are not clear enough, and it is  hard for the student to figure out exactly what the computer wants.  That is one of the things I dislike about most computer based learning.

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